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The New Science Complex Construction Project

The renovation and build-out of Linfield's new state-of-the-art science center and laboratory space began during the summer of 2021. A goal of the science center construction on the McMinnville campus will be to keep employees and classrooms in place as long as possible in an effort to minimize disruption. For that reason, there will be a phased-in demolition, construction and renovation process.

For more information:

Week 13 - Sept. 5 - 11, 2021

This project will create a comprehensive "complex" of science spaces that is truly interdisciplinary and promotes collaboration between academic disciplines, as well as between faculty and students:  

Existing Murdock Hall to remain 24,300 sf
Existing Graf Hall renovation 24,900 sf
New addition to Graf Hall 11,200 sf
New addition wing 24,000 sf
The new science complex in total 84,400 sf

The new science complex achieves the need for state-of-the-art spaces to support Linfield students and provide room for future growth:

  • Faculty research space has increased 232% - from 2,318 sf to 5,385 sf
  • Capacity for 3-4 additional labs when the shelled basement space is fully built-out

Estimated timeline

Project schedule summary

  • Walsh Construction will begin work in the first half of June 2021
    • By 6/1/21: Empty Mac Hall
      • Office moves involved with plan for relocating ITS from Mac Hall to Malthus Hall
        • English Language & Culture Program (ELCP) - from Malthus Hall to Walker Hall
        • Online & Continuing Education (OCE) - from Malthus Hall to TJ Day Hall and new office space within Malthus Hall
        • Information Technology Services (ITS) - from Mac Hall to Malthus Hall
    • 6/2/21: Begin demolition of Mac Hall
  • Graf Hall will remain open through the summer of 2021
    • by 8/27/21: Empty Graf Hall
      • Working on the plan for relocating offices/classrooms/labs/research space
    • 8/30/21 - January 2023: Renovation of Graf Hall
      • Graf will not be completed until January 2023 along with the new addition.  All systems are tied together with the new and all permits are tied as one project.
  • Murdock Hall will remain open through the spring semester of 2022
    • by 5/27/22: Empty Murdock Hall areas (104, 104A, 106, 106A, 113, 115, 116, 118, 120, 122) and begin renovation
      • Move out of the affected rooms as soon as the spring semester is completed and then move back in time for fall 2022 classes.
    • 5/31/22 - 8/26/22 (Summer 2022): Renovation of Murdock Hall areas
      • Murdock will be started and completed during summer 2022
      • Available for start of fall 2022 courses on 8/29/22
  • Anticipated Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) is February 3, 2023
    • January-February 2023: The Keck Center (what-used-to-be Graf and the new addition) completed / move-in
      • Opening Spring Semester 2023

Construction areas

Tips for constructions zones

  • Be alert. Be visible. Be patient.
  • Construction fencing, signage and other barriers remain in place to restrict access to the construction zone.
  • Stay out of the work area!  Don't drive, walk or ride behind cones, barricades or barrier, unless directed by a flagger.
  • Use caution when moving around the perimeter of the construction zones.
  • Report unsafe conditions to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Services or Linfield Public Safety.


Allison Horn
Associate Vice President for Facilities Administration