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Blackboard tutorial videos

Blackboard is the online learning platform we use at Linfield. If you are taking course online, you will use Blackboard for almost all of your course activity - finding assignments, interacting with your professor and your classmates, engaging in learning. If you take classes on one of Linfield's campuses, you will find that many of your professors use blackboard to support what they are doing in their classes.

Below you will find a series of videos that will show you around Blackboard and walk you through how to do many things you will be called upon to do there. Enlarge videos by clicking on the double arrows in the bottom right of each video frame. For closed captioning click on the CC button on the bottom right of each video frame.



This one minute video will walk you through the login process and your My Blackboard page.


Entering a course

In this one minute video you will see how to enter and find what you need for a course in Blackboard.


Submitting an assignment

The first time you are asked to submit an assignment, you may not know exactly what to do. This 30 second video shows the steps for correctly submittiing an assignment, so that your professor will be able to see, grade and give you feedback.


LC portfolio

This video shows you how to submit exemplars for your LC portfolio.

My grades

In this video, you will see where to find your grades and your professors' feedback.