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Natural World Evaluation Rubric

Courses with NW designation address all of the learning outcomes.

Learning Outcome Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Exemplary
Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical and/or experimental background of a particular topic or model, sufficient to form or identify a hypothesis. Example fails to provide a scientific foundation for model or hypothesis – or uses model or hypothesis incorrectly. Example presents a scientific model or hypothesis, but does not thoroughly explain. Example presents a scientific model or hypothesis, connecting it to experimental results, historical studies/literature, or historical interpretations.
Demonstrate an ability to critically analyze scientific results discussing strengths and weaknesses. Example fails to critically analyze results. Critically analyzes the results, but does not provide adequate detail on strengths and weaknesses. Example recognizes the strengths and weaknesses within a model or hypothesis then critically analyzes results based on evidence.
Demonstrate how scientific results can be extended to more general situations in contemporary society. Example fails to coherently convey how discoveries can be applied more broadly. Example attempts to extend results more broadly, but is unclear or is lacking depth. Example clearly conveys how a given technology or discovery can impact other similar situations or discoveries.