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General Education Review Committee (GERC)

In Spring 2020, the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC), with support of the Faculty Assembly, formed the General Education Revision Committee (GERC) with the charge of reviewing and, if appropriate, making recommendations for revision to the Linfield Curriculum. 

The GERC process consists of three phases: Phase I - Review and Assessment, Phase II - Development, and Phase III - Adoption and Implementation.  The Committee began its work in April 2020 and completed Phase I in January 2021. Phase II is now underway, which involves a collaborative process of idea generation and consensus-building among stakeholders in the Linfield community. We anticipate Phase II concluding at the end of the Spring 2021 semester.  Phase III would then occur over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year in accordance with new faculty governance and strategic planning processes.

Phase I - Review and Assessment

The Committee completed Phase I in January of 2021 producing the following report and supporting appendices.

GERC Report – Phase I Review and Assessment

Phase II - Development (Spring 2021)

The overarching goal of the development phase of the GERC process is to build off of the findings of Phase I - Review and Assessment to formulate a blueprint for a reimagined Linfield common student experience that:

  • provides a distinctive, interdisciplinary curriculum grounded in the liberal arts capable of adapting to the changing environment in higher education;
  • capitalizes on Linfield’s strengths (e.g., quality of faculty and staff, close-knit community, diverse student body, location, synergies between the College of Arts and Sciences, Nursing School, and Business School);
  • generates excitement across stakeholder groups;
  • and serves as a platform for sustainable growth for the institution.

The Phase II process will offer focal points for discussion and idea generation, contain multiple feedback loops, and hopefully generate a loose consensus/shared vision for the future of general education among stakeholder groups.  

Reimagining General Education at Linfield

The Committee encourages members of Linfield community to participate in the development process.  Upcoming GERC events can be found on the Academic Affairs calendar and here.

[We like to link to the Academic Affairs calendar (, and have link to a google doc with specific upcoming events for participation in the development process]

Based on feedback and questions we receive, we are curating a FAQ document. Please take a look and if it doesn't contain an answer your questions, send us an email at or reach out to one of the GERC committee members.

Upcoming GERC events can be found on the Academic Affairs calendar. You can also view a Google doc with links to previous event recordings.

Committee Members

  • Megan Bestwick (co-Chair)
  • Pat Cottrell (co-Chair)
  • Sarah Coste
  • Diane Crabtree
  • Sandra Davis
  • Pedro Graterol (student)
  • Lindsey Mantoan
  • Rachel Norman
  • Natalie Welch