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Welcome to the ConnectMe! Program

The ConnectMe! Program helps students reach out in personalized ways to alumni, parents and industry partners for informational interviews and other professional career connections.

During Spring 2021: The ConnectMe! Program is Still Here to Help!

Access the ConnectMe! Google Form

Connectme! video of phone informational interviews. You can still connect with Linfield alumni and employers! Fill our our ConnectMe! Google Form to get started or email

Students: your career search and career questions are still important! Now is a great time to reach out to Linfield alumni, or employers and companies of interest to connect via a phone or video call for an informational interview. Take advantage of the ConnectMe! Program so we can facilitate this process with you! Click on this link to fill out a Google Form and you'll hear back from us with contact information and resources: ConnectMe! Google Form

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ConnectMe! for Students

The ConnectMe! Program is designed especially for students to connect with Linfield alumni and other professionals in career fields, industries or positions of interest! By participating in the program, you will be empowered to reach out and learn from people who can help you explore different careers, learn more about your interest areas, take steps closer to applying to jobs, internships or grad programs, and simply be a resource and connection for your professional path!

Ready to Connect through the ConnectMe! Program?

It's simple! Come to the Career Hub (Melrose 010) or make an appointment by emailing to fill out at ConnectMe! Card and get started!

Here's How it Works:

  • Come meet with one of us to talk about what type of company, job, or industry you want to connect with
  • Fill out a ConnectMe! Card
  • You'll get an email from us with contact information for Linfield alumni or other professionals
  • You'll get information and resources to help you feel confident in reaching out
  • WE notify these professional contacts that they will be receiving outreach from you, so they know to watch for an email or phone call!
  • YOU reach out!
  • From there, you and each professional set up time and place for informational interviews!
  • We will follow up with you to see how else we can help you in this process.

The Value of Connections:

Some of the many benefits of making professional connections:

  • You learn something new about an industry
  • You have a connection who can help you connect with people hiring for jobs or internships
  • You take a giant step towards understanding more about jobs and careers of interest to you
  • You practice reaching out, meeting with, and conversing with professionals
  • You learn about jobs and internships (did you know most job openings aren't published?)
  • You get to visit different businesses to get a feel for what they are really like
  • ... and a lot more!

How to prepare to reach out to your ConnectMe! contacts:

  • Before any outreach, do a social media check on yourself. Do you have the proper privacy settings? Are there any inappropriate pictures or posts you need to delete? Does your social media image reflect how you want others to see you? Also, how well do you feel you can utilize LinkedIn? Here is a link that can help you get the most out of it: LinkedIn for Students.
  • When reaching out, it is best to be as specific as you can be: are you asking for an informational interview? Asking to tour the worksite? Looking to connect because of a specific job? Also, give a couple dates that work if you want to meet, and specify in person, over the phone, etc. This helps your contact understand your intentions and timelines.
  • You reflect on Linfield: Everything you do as a Linfield student reflects upon not only yourself, but is also a reflection on your classmates, other alumni, me as the person who connected you, and the Linfield community as a whole. It is important to act with gracious professionalism to continue to add to the amazing reputation that Linfield deserves. 
  • Confirm the meeting: It is standard to email the professional a confirmation of your appointment 1 day prior to the meeting. This is a common courtesy and appreciated from professionals. 
  • Go with curiosity! Have 10-15 questions written that reflect what you are curious about; don’t be surprised if you don’t get to them all. Refer to the attached document for inspiration. It is important to be prepared and professionals appreciate when you can carry on a conversation. 
  • Go with a clear mind: you are doing this to explore paths, learn, and make a connection! Even though you probably have a specific purpose for this meeting, and have questions prepared, you never know what you might learn, where the conversation may go, or what may come out of it. Make the most of this activity to follow positive outcomes and opportunities! 

Resources for reaching out:

ConnectMe! for Alumni and Professional Partners

Thank you for helping Linfield students! We appreciate your support. If you have any questions regarding the ConnectMe! Program please reach out to Donna at Please click on the Information for ConnectMe! Partners link below to learn more about this program, what to expect from students, and how you can feel prepared as a partner.

Information for ConnectMe! Partners