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Graduate school information

Wondering where to start researching graduate school information? Here are some resources….

  • Your professors! If you are interested in grad school programs related to your undergraduate major, your advisor and other professors in the department can be goldmines of information. If you are interested in programs outside of your major, you may have to do a little asking around…for example, a sociology major interested in an MBA program might want to make a trip to TJ Day Hall and talk to some of the business professors.
  • Peterson’s Guides – can be found at the Career Hub in Melrose Hall 010 and the Nicholson Library. The six volume set lists all of the graduate programs in the U.S. and some outside the country as well. Programs are not rank-ordered but an excellent way to begin to get a handle on all the different kinds of programs and degrees. Hey, it’s alphabet soup out there! Peterson’s can also be found at their website.
  • Admissions tests registration process, fees, test site locations, practice tests etc:
  • For the GRE – the general test usually required of science, social science and humanities majors. For information, visit the GRE website. Some programs also require the GRE subject specific tests so pay close attention to the admissions requirements of each program to which you are applying.
  • Law School? Visit the Law School Admissions Council website for more information.
  • Medical School? Read about the MCAT Test on the AAMC website.
  • MBA? Click for more information on the Graduate Management Admission Test.
  • For specialized programs such as an MAT degree, architecture, urban planning, women’s studies, etc, check each program for the kind of admissions materials they require. All grad programs are not the same - some require very specialized exams, others do not require any kind of admissions test.

Other online resources - This site provides helpful rankings, info, and is easy to navigate! You can also search for specific programs! - The most comprehensive online source of graduate school information with more than 50,000 program listings. Extensive search, financial aid information, and more. - This site allows you to search for and compare law schools, business schools, and medical schools to see which one is right for you.

Association of American Medical Colleges(AAMC) - Information on searching for and applying to medical schools.

Linfield Pre-Law Information - Find information about pre-law admission through the Linfield Academic Advising webpage.

ETS - Educational Testing Service Network. The place to get information about the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, the Praxis series of teacher exams, and even the SAT. Includes sample test questions, financial aid information, registration information, plus much more!

Masters in Education - A great place to learn about different graduate opportunities in Education.

Teaching Certification - Learn about the requirements necessary to gain a teaching certification in all 50 states, plus other important information for those interested in education.

Princeton Review - Find information about test prep and research graduate school programs.

Council of Graduate Schools - This site is a good place to start with its straight-forward and practical information on choosing and financing grad school, grad student organizations, and much more. - Comprehensive advice on the writing tasks associated with applying to grad and professional schools as well as info on the admission process. Sample essays are available.

All About Grad School - A geographic directory of grad schools in the US limited to Business, Engineering, Law, and Medical schools.

Graduate School Guide - Search by school name or major and by state. Questions to ask when applying.

Euro Graduate Live - Graduate opportunities across Europe. Search by research programs or taught courses.

University of Burgundy - Graduate programs taught in English at the University of Burgundy

Association for Support of Graduate Students - Sampling of hundreds of sites for information. Great starting point.

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship - Graduate opportunities for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics research.