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The Office for Career Development is located in Melrose 010. The Career Development staff, including all student career specialists, are trained to assist students with their résumés or cover letters. There are a variety of resources available in the Career Hub for the Linfield community to use including information on graduate schools, general career information, international careers, internships, how to get a job with any major, and tips regarding résumés, interviews and job search items. We also provide high-quality résumé paper that students can use to print their résumés and cover letters. 

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Professional staff

Michael J. Hampton

Senior Program Director of Career Development
M.A., Counseling with Career Counseling Emphasis, George Fox University
B.A. Speech; Telecommunication & Film, University of Oregon

Michael has been working with students of all ages for the last thirty years with the last seventeen years of experience in higher education career development. He also has a background in television news photography with NBC and ABC affiliates in the Eugene market and sports marketing management at Nike. Michael started running long distance in the "master" division and has completed two marathons, and multiple 5K & 10K races over the last few years.

As the Senior Program Director, Michael oversees the supervision, management, and strategic planning of career development. He loves to coach and counsel students about relevant and useful tools to help in career planning, experiential learning, and the job search. Michael has presented career development content to thousands of individuals through class presentations, conference seminars, and inviting speaking opportunities. The importance of developing professional connections with others to gain information and experience is critical in reaching your career related goals and ambitions. 

Interview tip: Tell effective stories that relay your skills while answering questions.

Ask Michael About: His sports marketing experience at NIKE, Inc. 

Kristi Mackay

Assistant Director of Career Development, Internship Programming
B.S., Sociology and Business, Linfield University

As a native Oregonian and Linfield Alumnus, Kristi enjoys working with Linfield students to help them discover their passions while guiding them in their internship search and reflection on their experience. Kristi even started her own professional career with an internship! 

Prior to her work in Career Development, Kristi was a professional corporate event planner and a market researcher. Building on these experiences, Kristi strategically plans programs to assist students in the establishment of their own professional network to encourage students to develop a plan of their own career journey.

Kristi lives in McMinnville with her husband, two children, five goats, and two cats. 

Interview tip: Show a little humor - it's a great way for a recruiter to get to know you and see how you will fit into their team.

Ask Kristi About: How her internship experience lead to her first career position.

Donna Montoya

Assistant Director, Strategic Partnerships
M.B.A., Willamette University
B.A., Economics and Spanish, Linfield University

As the Assistant Director for Strategic Partnerships, Donna develops opportunities to provide and facilitate genuine professional connections to assist students in their career development. She creates programs to provide information, practice with real-world professionalism, and make contacts for current and future career success. She also collaborates with employers who look to recruit students for full-time, internship and volunteer positions. 

Donna welcomes students for career appointments to guide them in connecting their majors and interests to careers, conducting a successful job search, and making professional contacts to learn and experience career options. She has prior experience in graduate admissions, and this knowledge helps offer accurate and effective assistance to students looking to apply for graduate programs.

She is also passionate about cross-cultural communication connecting students to global opportunities. Before embarking on her higher education career, Donna working as a bilingual consultant with a credit union and lived and worked in Mexico where she worked in residential real estate, taught Business English course, and was Academic Supervisor at a language institute. 

As an English/Spanish bilingual professional Donna loves to help students, parents and the community in both languages. 

Interview tip: Research the organization and position and practice beforehand, and always remember to show your genuine self. 

Ask Donna about: Living and working abroad. 

Student Career Specialist Staff

Jenna Mihelich

Major: Economics & Finance

Status: Senior

Campus Involvement: Track & Field, Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Senior Senator for ASLU Senate, Order of Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta

Career Aspirations: Masters in Healthcare Administration; Hospital CEO 

Landon Matta

Major: Accounting & Economics

Status: Senior

Hometown: Albany, OR

Favorite College Course: Astronomy 101

Mihretabe Gizaw

Major: International Relations

Minor: Business Management

Campus Involvement: Music, Theatre, Black Student Union

Current jobs/Internships: Nike Global Sourcing

Caitlyn Lauchner

Major: Religious Studies

Minor: Political Science

Campus Involvement: Linfield IFYC Student Ambassador, RELS Department Peer Advisor

Current jobs/Internships: Founder of CreativeWithCait (her small arts and crafts business); RELS Department Work-Study student; Intern with the Ecumenical Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Career Aspirations: Master's Degree Studying Peace and Justice; Work with organizations that make efforts to improve life in the US - and globally - for disadvantaged peoples such as LGBTQ+ and communities of color. 

Shannon Stoller

Major: Sport Management

Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi sorority, Volleyball

Current jobs/Internships: Start-up sporting good company: Gridiron Glove; babysitting

Career Aspirations:Spend a couple of years overseas in Europe for product design and development in sportswear. Continue to develop professional skills with people and creativity in building a successful business that serves people and the sport industry. 

Angie Gomez-Horta

Major: Psychology & English Literature

Campus Involvement: Residence Life, The Peer Body Project, Research with Psychology Faculty, LCLA

Current Jobs/Internships: Peer Body Educator with Linfield's Peer Body Project

Career Aspirations: Masters or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in eating disorders. Overall, hopes to use skills and leadership experiences and make use of it in professional life.

Ryan Kister

Major: Accounting

Minor: Sport Management

Campus Involvement: Men's Soccer, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Current Jobs/Internships: Admission Ambassador, Soccer Coach, works with the Portland Timbers

Career Aspirations: Certified Public Accountant and high school soccer coach

Khanh Do

Major: Nursing

Campus Involvement: Will be applying for LCAT!

Current Jobs/Internships: When at home, works as a personal care provider for an autistic individual.

Career Aspirations: Travel Nurse and/or Nurse Practitioner

Zanaya Noel

Major: Nursing

Campus Involvement: Black Student Union

Current Jobs/Internships: Catering

Career Aspirations: Cardiac Nurse and then become a Nurse Practitioner and work in general surgery.

Feel free to come by to the Career Hub (Melrose 010) or give us a call at (503) 883-2733 if you have any questions or comments or check out our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also email us at and we will be happy to assist you.