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Resources for first generation students

  • I’m First - This website offers an online space for current and incoming First Generation College Students to share their experiences with each other and offer support.
  • First Gen Fellows - This website provides links to nonprofits throughout the US that are dedicated to helping First Generation students excel in their education
  • Young Invicible (YI) Scholars Program - The YI Scholars program offers first-generation college students the opportunity to join the Young Invincibles team in working on today’s most pressing economic issues facing young adults. Scholars serve as integral members of Young Invincibles and YI Advisors departments for the 10-week paid program, helping to support research projects, policy initiatives, digital and traditional media strategies, on-the-ground organizing, issue advocacy campaigns, consulting, and beyond.
  • First In the Family - Advice about college from first generation college students. This site includes links, resources, stories, and a diverse set of topics with advice ranging from money to academic culture shock to balancing family responsibilities.

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