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Lacroute Initiative for Advancing the Liberal Arts

Thanks to a generous donation from Ronni Lacroute, Linfield is able to support the Lacroute Initiative for Advancing the Liberal Arts at Linfield University.

The mission of the Lacroute Initiative is to bridge Linfield's campuses with its rich diversity of people, places, and perspectives. The initiative fosters interdisciplinary innovation and exploration of creative, collaborative solutions to complex problems by way of supporting research inquiries submitted by Linfield faculty, staff, and students. Each member of the McMinnville, OCE, and Portland Linfield community is encouraged to work in partnership across campuses, disciplines, and representation to develop projects that enrich the connection of pedagogy with the people of Linfield.

The Lacroute Initiative team invites you to browse the catalogue of projects underway and accomplished. Here, you may discover an opportunity for collaborating with research inquiry aligned with your own work to. Proposals are not limited to collaboration with those which have been previously submitted, new and refreshing ideas are welcome. Support of local and national visitors in residence who contribute to the liberal arts through disciplinary and interdisciplinary programming may also be considered.

Submissions are considered on a rolling basis. Please review the Request for Proposal FAQs and consider submitting a Lacroute Initiative Proposal.


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The Lacroute Initiative Steering Committee is currently overseeing Learning Across Boundaries.