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School of Nurisng Academic Advising

Every student has a nursing faculty advisor who serves as a guide and mentor.  Consultation with or approval by the faculty advisor is required for a variety of academic program decisions that students make.

Pre-licensure program students are assigned a faculty advisor by the registration officer in consultation with the Dean of Nursing.  Students may request a change of advisor because of shared academic interests with another faculty member, difficulty connecting with the assigned advisor, etc.  In addition, the Assistant Director of Admission is available to advise students on Linfield Curriculum (general education) and other graduation requirements requirements.

RN to BSN program students are assigned a faculty advisor and an academic advisor upon admission to the School of Nursing. 

School of Nursing Faculty Advisor/Advisee Relationship and Responsibilities

Degree Requirements

Portland Schedules & Calendars


Registering for Classes

  • Required nursing classes will be added to student schedules by the Registration Office.
  • All general education and elective courses are added by students to their own schedule through WebAdvisor.

Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)