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Pre-Registration Checklist

Before you register for classes, there are a number of tasks that must be completed. These tasks include updating and completing forms, meeting with your advisor and getting clearance from them to register, and adding courses to your plan in Self-Service. Download the Pre-Registration Checklist here!

  • Attend Registration Readiness Fair

    Registration Readiness events occur regularly on the McMinnville campus. Prizes may be available for those participating in the fair!

    Upcoming Registration Readiness Fair:

    10am-2pm on Wednesday, November 1, 2023 in the Fred Meyer Lounge on the McMinnville Campus

  • Update Forms

    1. Confirm and/or update your Emergency Contacts in Self-Service. This must be completed every 60 days. You can access this in Self-Service under "User Options" (click on the dropdown menu icon in the upper left-hand corner).
    2. Complete the Linfield Educational Services Agreement (LESA) Form as needed. This form can be found under  "User Options" in the "Required Agreements" section of Self-Service and must be completed once per academic year. LESA
    3. Log into Self-Service to determine any Registration Holds you may have on your record. Any hold you have will show as a red indicator box. These flags will also explain the next steps for clearing the hold. Here are some examples of what you may see:                                                  Examples of Holds in Self-Service
    4. Submit a Request Approval for Registration Form in Etrieve and meet with your advisor to remove the "advising hold". Note: This is for McMinnville students only. Please see the tutorial video for how to access and complete the form.
  • Meet with Your Advisor

    All students should connect with their advisor(s). For those with an Advisor hold, you must submit the Request Approval for Registration form and it must be approved by an advisor before the hold will be removed. If you have submitted the form, you can see whether the form has been approved by looking at the History tab in Etrieve. You can also determine whether you are clear to register in Self-Service if the hold does not appear or you are cleared to register.

  • Plan your Courses

    1. Look through Linfield's current course offerings and make a list of classes that interest you.
    2. Using the Planning menu in Self-Service, prepare your schedule of classes ahead of your registration time. Note you can also use the course schedule worksheet to do this, and for creating your first choice and several alternative schedules. Feel free to use the weekly schedule worksheet to make sure that none of your classes conflict if you are not using Self-Service. 
    3. Consult your Faculty Advisor about your proposed schedule. They may have helpful suggestions for you to consider before registration. You must meet with your faculty advisor prior for registration to receive approval to register.
    4. Add your course choices into your Plan in Self-Service 
      1. Login to Self-Service.
      2. Select Courses
      3. Select the correct registration term from the drop-down menu on the top left of the screen 
      4. Select the subject of the course and click Search 
      5. Find the correct course and select "Add Section to Schedule"
      6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each course that you want to add 

    Refer to Academic Advising at any step along the way to receive help.

  • Find Your Registration Date

    Continuing students can find their registration date by looking at the Registration Schedule online!

    Make sure to look at the registration schedule for your specific academic program (OCE, McMinnville student, ABSN, MEPN, BSN, etc.) as some student populations will register on a different schedule than others.