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Holistic Student Care and Wellbeing

Academic Advisors play a critical role in helping students' holistic wellbeing as students at Linfield. As an advisor, it is not uncommon for students to disclose information about their wellbeing and knowing how to refer them to the appropriate resources is one of the best steps in showing them you care. Actions that advisors can take to support students include

*Submitting an Academic Alert in Etrieve
*Submitting a Care Referral when appropriate
*Walking a student to the Student Health, Wellness, and Counseling when appropriate
*Connecting students to support staff and Linfield Student Support Offices as needed

Academic Alerts and Care Referrals are not intended to be used in cases of emergency. If you are working with a student in crisis that needs immediate care, please call 911 or use the Student Health Wellness & Counseling list of resources that will help you connect them to immediate support. Linfield Public Safety is also available 24/7 at 503-883-SAFE (7233)

  • Care Referrals

    Care Referrals are used for common areas of concern such as mental health, social or interpersonal conflict, and balancing life commitments both on- and off-campus.

    Submit a care referral for a student or yourself

    Care Referrals are reviewed by the Director of Student Care and Support, who will work with the Linfield Care Team on follow-up and support.

    Lainie Sowell
    Director of Student Care and Support
    Phone: 503-883-2352
    Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • Academic Alerts

    At various times during the semester, students who are performing poorly in a class may receive an academic alert from the course instructor. Academic alerts serve as an early warning for students facing academic difficulty. In the alert, the instructor will indicate one or more reasons why the student may be struggling in that class. The most common reasons for poor performance are:

    • Missing classes
    • Missing assignments
    • Lack of participation in-class activities
    • Lack of academic preparation
    • Difficulty with taking tests

    Academic alerts are intended to galvanize a student’s academic team, and this is why notifications about academic alerts are sent to the student, the faculty advisor, and Academic Advising. Students who receive academic alerts are strongly encouraged to meet with the instructor issuing the alert, their faculty advisor, and to contact Learning Support Services or Academic Advising. A slipping grade can often be improved with quick action.  

    How to send an Academic Alert

    Log into your Etrieve account and select the ADV Academic Alert in the Forms tab.This form will ask for the term, class, and student for whom you wish to submit an alert for. Select the appropriate Attendance and Academic information boxes. You will also be able to submit comments that are viewed by the student and comments that are private and not seen by the student. Private comments are used to communicate with the Care Team and/or advising staff and Learning Support Staff.

    Students should be apprised of their performance as soon as issues arise (poor performance on exams or written work, frequent absences, troubling behavior, etc.). Specifically, send alerts to students earning less than a grade of C. Include explicit recommendations to improve their performance: e.g., “You need to earn an 85% on the next two exams and complete all homework to earn a C in the class. Visit me during office hours for study help.”  When issuing alerts, take note of drop and withdrawal deadlines. Be sure to send alerts, if needed, prior to these deadlines. The option of withdrawal should be suggested to students whose chances of passing are impossible or extremely unlikely. 

    Once an Alert is submitted, the student is notified by email that an alert has been submitted and the alert form appears in their Etrieve account. The form is also routed to Academic Advising who will then send the form to the student's academic advisor.

    How a student receives and reads an Academic Alert

    If a student receives an academic alert they will be notified through their Linfield email account. An email will direct the student to log in to Etrieve and access the Alert Form in their "inbox". The alert will include the faculty member's checked boxes, comments put into the comments (for student's review) box and instructions on how to access additional support services based on the student's campus (McMinnville, Portland, eCampus).

    Questions regarding the academic alert system should be directed to Academic Advising.

  • Supporting Student Mental Health

    The emotional well-being of our students is critically important. As Academic Advisors, students may report to you that they are struggling with emotional or mental health difficulties. This Faculty Guide to Supporting Student Mental Health from the Jed Foundation is a great tool for how you can support students and connect them to critical resources. Included in the Jed Guide is a sample syllabus statement that instructors can use.

    Please use the Care Referral system whenever you have a concern about a student beyond the classroom. The  director of Student Care and Support along with the Care Team will make sure to connect the student with appropriate resources. Remember that Care referrals and Academic Alerts are not for emergencies.


  • Linfield Student Support Offices

    Academic Advising| | 503-883-2250

    Supports students with services related to academic goals and planning

    Financial Aid | | 503-883-2225

    Supports students with services related to financial aid and funding their education

    Learning Support Services | | 503-883-2562

    Supports students with services related to academic planning, tutoring and accommodations

    Registrar’s Office | | 503-883-2211

    Supports students with services related to academic records, registration and transcripts

    Residence Life| | 503-883-2354

    Supports students with services related to on-campus living

    Student Health, Wellness & Counseling | | 503-883-2535

    Supports students with both physical and mental health services