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Advising Pre-Nursing Students

Pre-Nursing Program Overview

Linfield's Pre-Nursing program provides McMinnville campus students the opportunity to complete the required prerequisite courses for admission into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. 


Pre-Nursing students at Linfield can expect to complete two years of prerequisite coursework as well as Linfield Curriculum and degree requirements before transitioning to the School of Nursing's Portland Campus. Students will typically apply for admission to the School of Nursing in the fall of their second year. 

  • Prerequisite Course Requirements

    All nursing prerequisite courses must be completed by the designated final materials deadline for each semester. 

    Listed below are the prerequisite courses required for admission to Linfield's School of Nursing.

    1. Lab Science Requirement: Complete one of the following
      1. General Chemistry: CHEM 210, 211 (NW) or
      2. General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry: CHEM 201, 202 (NW) or
      3. Principles of Biology: BIOL 210, 211 (NW) or
      4. Principles of Biology: BIOL 210 (NW)
    2. Human Anatomy with Lab: BIOL 212 (NW)
    3. Human Physiology with Lab: BIOL 213 (NW) Prerequisite: BIOL 212
    4. Microbiology: Complete one of the following
      1. Introduction to Microbiology: BIOL 275 (NW): Prerequisite BIOL 210 or  CHEM 201-202 or CHEM 210-211
      2. General Microbiology: BIOL 361 (NW): Prerequisite BIOL 210-211 and CHEM 210 
    5.  Nutrition: HHPA 280 (NW)

    6. Lifespan Developmental Psychology: PSYC 155 (IS)
    7. Statistics: MATH 140 (QR). Prerequisite: HS algebra I, II and Geometry or equivalent 

    8. Inquiry Seminar with Writing Lab: INQS 125 + INQS 125

  • GPA and Eligibility Requirements

    1. Students must complete an application to the School of Nursing by the appropriate deadline. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
    2. Academic Progress: Required at the time of application and upon completion of all prerequisite courses. Before starting in the nursing program (by July 10 for Fall entry and January 10 for Spring entry), students must attain the GPA requirements listed below with a C or better in each prerequisite course. Graded prerequisite courses with a C or better will be counted in the GPA calculation (even if the applicant intends to repeat the course to improve the grade). Courses graded and/or transcripts received after the application deadline will not be considered. Exception: The INQS 125 grade will be calculated in the completed prerequisite GPA but a C or better is not required.
    3. GPA Requirements: The following GPAs must be attained at the time of application and upon entry to the nursing program:
      1. 3.000 GPA in all nursing prerequisite courses.
      2. 3.000 GPA in prerequisite sciences (biology/chemistry, anatomy & physiology, microbiology)
      3. 2.650 GPA between anatomy & physiology. Students may attempt each course in the Anatomy & Physiology sequence no more than twice each. In the case where a student has more than one repeat of a course, only the grade from the first repeat will be used in the GPA calculation. Withdraws count as an attempt. If a student withdrew from one of these courses for reasons other than poor academic performance, the student may consult with the Registrar’s Office on how to petition for an exception. Prior to repeating any anatomy or physiology courses, meet with your faculty advisor and seek supplemental pre-nursing support from Academic Advising to determine how a repeat will impact your eligibility.
    4. Residency: Students must complete at least 30 semester credits of coursework at Linfield to be considered a resident Linfield student and receive priority enrollment into the School of Nursing.
    5. Degree progress: Students must complete 62-semester credits before starting in the nursing program on the Portland campus. Students are encouraged to complete at least 71 semester credits including all required LC courses and elective credits before beginning the nursing program to allow them to focus exclusively on the nursing curriculum.
    6. Leave of Absence: Taking nursing prerequisite courses while on Leave of Absence from Linfield University will result in forfeiture of Linfield residency status which would require your student to apply as an external applicant. 
    7. Graduation: All Linfield students must maintain a GPA of 2.000 or above to graduate. In addition, students enrolled in the School of Nursing must attain a GPA of 2.500 and a grade above C in all required nursing courses to
  • Nursing Application Timelines

    Each of Linfield's prelicensure nursing programs has a different admissions timeline. Students must apply within their program's designated application window to be considered for admission to the School of Nursing. 

    Prelicensure Application Timelines

  • Sample Pre-Nursing 2-Year Plans

    Some students like to visualize what courses they will need to complete in their first two years to keep on track with their requirements. Below are three sample 2-year academic plans for pre-nursing students containing all required prerequisite courses for nursing school admission, LC and Linfield degree requirements, and credits needed to graduate. 


    Sample Academic Plan 1

    Sample Academic Plan 2

    Sample Academic Plan 3