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Identify Transfer Courses in a Student's Academic Program Evaluation 

A course that is transferable appears* on the student's academic program evaluation on WebAdvisor. What is displayed for each transfer course depends on how that course transferred to Linfield:

  1. The transfer course is equivalent to a Linfield course. The course appears on the program evaluation as the Linfield course name and is marked *TE.
  2. The transfer course is not equivalent to an existing Linfield course, but is transferable. The course appears as either "discipline*course levelTR" or, if applicable, "discipline*course level LC abbreviation".  For example, a 100-level non-LC Geography course would appear as TRAN*1TR; a 100-level Biology course with an NW equivalency would appear as BIOL*1NW.
  3. The course is still under review. The course appears with a question mark (for example: ENGL*1TR?) and an explanatory note beneath the transfer course title.

*A course that is not transferable will not appear on the program evaluation or the TRER. Examples of non-transferable coursework include, but aren't limited to, courses graded lower than a C and academic courses below the 100 level.

Consult the Student's Transfer Equivalency Report (TRER)

The student's Transfer Equivalency Report (TRER) provides detailed information about how a course was offered at the student's previous institution, and how that course transferred to Linfield. A course that was not transferable will not appear on the TRER. TRERs are not available in WebAdvisor. For more information about a student's TRER or transcripts, contact the Office of the Registrar