Inside Linfield - Learning Across Boundaries

Mission Statement

LAB provides the Linfield Community with a physical and intellectual space to collaborate on work that crosses boundaries, whether they be geographic, disciplinary, racial, ideological, symbolic, or material. LAB brings together threads of the Linfield experience under one centralized hub with curricular, social, community, teaching, learning, and justice components. In doing so, LAB supports Linfield's mission of “connecting learning, life, and community.” Forging new collaborations across boundaries, the LAB centers experiential learning, mutually beneficial service, and interdisciplinary projects.

Current Initiatives

Currently, LAB houses a Teaching & Learning Collaborative; a Mental Health; an Annual Summit; and a Anti-Oppression Training initiative. The Nucleus directs the LAB creative promotions, social media presence, and event coordination.


The LAB office is located in Nicholson Library Room 184

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