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Writing support for Linfield Portland campus students

In your studies at Linfield, you will take multiple writing-intensive courses in which you will use writing to develop your critical thinking skills and your ability to confront conflicting values and beliefs.  Writing is a valuable means of fostering intellectual and moral growth; through the act of composition, you will gain deeper insight into some of the issues you will face as a future nurse.  

kara.jpg Kara Frank

To help you with the writing process, Linfield University's School of Nursing offers individualized writing consultations, lectures, and workshops held by Kara Frank, Writing Fellow. Kara Frank holds a master’s degree in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition from Portland State University. She has worked with Linfield University’s nursing students to foster personal and academic growth through the act of writing since 2015.

Individual writing conferences

Writing conferences are held in Loveridge Hall, room 24.

One-on-one writing conferences are available to Linfield's Portland campus students for assistance with all aspects of of the writing process. During your individual writing conference, you can receive help with the following:

  • Clarifying writing assignment instructions, learning outcomes, and faculty expectations/feedback
  • Brainstorming and crafting outlines
  • Narrowing down topic ideas
  • Compiling and organizing research; evaluating sources for credibility and relevance
  • Developing strong organizational structure and flow
  • Crafting effective topic sentences and transitions
  • APA: In-text citations, references, headings, general formatting
  • Grammar and mechanics

To access writing resources or to schedule an appointment, you may either join the Writing Fellow's Blackboard organization, or contact Kara Frank directly at:

Accessing the Writing Fellow organization

There is an Organization Search tool on the main Blackboard page. Type “Writing Fellows” into the text box and click the “Go” button.  This will display the organization.  Next to the Organization ID, there is an action drop down menu where you may select “enroll;” you will then be added to the “course." The organization link will display on your main Blackboard page from there on out.

From the Writing Fellow's home page, click on the blue bar to the left; this will display several links. Clicking on the "content" link will take you to a page with writing resources, including the PowerPoint presentations from the APA workshop and the second and fourth semester writing assignment lectures. Clicking on the "Schedule an Appointment" link will take you to a page where you may sign up for a thirty-minute to one-hour writing appointment with Kara Frank.