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Begin your journey to compliance: Student Compliance Guide.

Failure to reach compliant status by the date outlined in your admission offer will result in the cancellation of your admission.

Failure to maintain compliant status as a current student will impact your ability to attend clinicals, including simulations, community settings, and/or hospitals. Missed clinical experiences due to non-compliance are counted as an absence. Absence can lead to failure of a clinical course.

Please reach out to if you have additional questions about compliance.

  • What is compliance and why is it important? 

    Compliance is a set standard by the Oregon State Board of Nursing for all students who are in a recognized nursing program that meet the educational requirements in order to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN or often referred to as NCLEX). Candidates who successfully pass the NCLEX are determined as fit to begin entry-level nursing practice work.

    Additionally, compliance standards will be required in various facets as a working practicing registered nurse (RN). Meeting and maintaining program compliance requirements will prepare you for your future professional career.

  • How do I maintain compliance at Linfield School of Nursing?

    Complio and ACEMAPP are the two programs you will use to track personal and clinical-site compliance.

    Upon accepting admission to Linfield SON, you will open a Complio account. Complio by American DataBank is an online system used to track personal student compliance. It hosts the details and documentation proving your compliance with immunizations and other requirements. You will utilize your Complio account to maintain compliance through graduation.

    During your first term in the program, you will be invited to set up your ACEMAPP account. ACEMAPP tracks your clinical site compliance. It is crucial you complete all assigned ACEMAPP assessments and requirements as clinical partners have direct viewing access to your account.