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Peer Resource Network

Peer Resource Network (PRN) of Linfield University-Good Samaritan School of Nursing connects a community of past, present, and future nursing students in an effort to instill confidence and ease transitions by providing support, guidance, and inspiration while fostering the core values of nursing.

The Peer Resource Network (PRN) is a mentoring network that helps students better identify with the culture of nursing school including communicating with faculty, student involvement opportunities, and campus resources in order to have a successful first semester.

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PRN Peer Advocates for Fall 2020

Alanna, 4th Semester

"Take this nursing school journey as an opportunity to learn about yourself, to learn from your mistakes, and to learn to be the best nurse you can be."

Alissa, 4th Semester

"Always remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is coming from fluorescent lights at the hospital you will be at."

Anthony, 4th Semester

"Do first what’s due, and don’t be afraid to ask your peers what’s helping them succeed in the areas you find flummoxing."

Daisy, 4th Semester

"It is a different ballgame but everyone is here to help. DO NOT be afraid to ask for help because we all want you to succeed."

Sandra. 4th Semester

"POWER Pose; remember your ABC’S (airway, breathing, circulation); and embrace the learning curve."

Sarah, 4th Semester

"Get connected with your new community-we are all in this together, and are here to help each other succeed!"

If you have any questions about PRN, please feel free to connect with any of the PRN Peer Advocates (their emails are listed above, under their respective profile photo), or contact Matt Hiller at