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ASLU Senate

ASLU Senate

The Senate is the legislative arm of the Associated Students of Linfield University (ASLU). The Senate, comprised of 13 representatives, acts as the voice of the student body. Senators meet weekly to discuss and vote on a wide range of student business. The first Senate meeting of each semester usually takes place during the second week of classes.

Senate meetings are open to the entire student body, though only official members of the Senate have voting power. The ASLU Vice President serves as the President of the Senate and sets the agenda for meetings. The ASLU Cabinet serves as ex officio members and advisors of the Senate.

ASLU Senators 

There are 13 ALSU Senators, who are selected by the Vice President after applying for the position. 

Mason Masterson - Freshman Senator

Lauren Hendrickson - Freshman Senator

Kayla Hudock - Freshman Senator

Jackson Brandenburg - Freshman Senator

Ashley Craigmyle - Sophomore Senator

Emma Campbell - Sophomore Senator

Divenson Willis - Sophomore Senator

Tatiana Garcia - Junior Senator

Evan Kern - Junior Senator

Madelyn Foltz - Senior Senator

Sabrina Heizenrader - Transfer Senator

Alexander Sigaran - Transfer Senator

Erin Shepard - Transfer Senator

Become an ASLU Senator

ASLU Senate Applications are posted just before the beginning of fall semester. The Vice President reviews applications and aims to select Senators for the current academic year before the second week of classes. Senators serve from the beginning of the fall semester through the end of the spring semester. 

Apply to be an ASLU Senator. Link posted when application is active. 

Dave Hansen Award

Every spring, the ASLU Senate nominates and votes to award a member of the Linfield community with the Dave Hansen Outstanding Service Award. This award is annually presented to someone at Linfield, be it a student, faculty, or staff member, who goes above and beyond their call of duty to serve the Linfield community.

Dave Hansen was the Dean of Students and professor of economics at Linfield University for many years and impacted the Linfield community in incredible ways.President Thomas L. Hellie called Hansen’s impact as dean of students, a position he held for over 20 years, “legendary.” It is in his honor that this award is passed on to Linfield community members who share his quality of outstanding service.

Past winners of the Dave Hansen Award

Proclamations & Resolutions

A proclamation, resolution, or petition is a formal stance, change of policy, or recommendation, adopted by the ASLU Senate. They can be proposed by any Linfield University student and, depending on the type of resolution, may require a simple majority, a 2/3 super-majority, or an all-campus vote. Students may propose resolutions to alter ASLU bylaws, take an ideological stance (against coal plants, for instance), or make student opinion on a particular matter (such as the Residence Life overnight-guest policy) clear to the college administration or faculty. Resolutions brought before ASLU Senate in the past can be found below. To learn more or to present a resolution to the Senate, contact the current ASLU Vice President. 

List of past ASLU Senate Proclamations & Resolutions.