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C.A.T.S. (Consent Awareness Training Squad)

HHPA 172 - Peer Health: CATS

Offered Spring semester: 2 credits

Provides student leaders with the necessary background to be sexual assault prevention peer educators. The desired outcome of the course is to bring students to the point where they can effectively facilitate educational programs to their peers. The training will focus on two areas: knowledge about the topic (underlying issues and knowledge related to sexual assault and alcohol misuse, empathy, rape recovery, and helping); and presentation skills (communicating, critical thinking, facilitating discussion, integrity building skills).

To apply, email the Health Promotion Program Coordinator

Now Accepting Applications for CATS

Peer Leadership & Training in Sexaul Assault Prevention and Bystander Intervention

HHPA 172 Peer Health: CATS, Spring 2019, Monday/Wednesday 2:10-3:00

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Applications are due prior to registration and can be submitted to Beatriz Rendon Bautista in the Wellness Center, Walker 102. Apply for CATS.