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Third Party Payments

Third Party - Sponsor Payments - Veteran & State Agency Payments

A third party is an entity which guarantees payment of tuition and/or fees to Linfield University, on behalf of a student.  Third-party tuition assistance allows students the opportunity to receive financial assistance through a company and/or organization that agrees to pay the entire amount or a portion of a student's tuition, books and/or fees.  Linfield University does accept and assist with billing for those that receive outside funding such as Federal and State Tuition Assistance from Military service and other Federal and State Agency funding sources. 

Examples of typical third-party vendors are as follows, but not limited to:

  • City, County, State, or Federal Government
  • Private Organizations - Stanford University
  • Veteran Programs
  • Tribal Organizations
  • AmeriCorps
  • Ben Hudnall-Kaiser RN-BSN
  • Clackamas Community College Employees
  • Work Source Oregon / Washington
  • Trade Act Oregon State

Third Party - Billing Authorization - Agreement

A third-party billing agreement is a written authorization from an employer, a military unit, a service organization, or a state agency that gives Linfield University permission to shift the payment liability from the student to the employer for a specific semester.  An authorization documents a sponsor’s commitment to pay designated educational expenses and begins the University’s invoice process.   A third-party authorization may be a voucher, letter of credit, training plan, or tuition assistance form, and must be signed by an officer of the sponsoring organization.

All letters are subject to review and must include the following information:

  • The student's name and student identification number.
  • The semester(s) for which the authorization is valid.
  • The charges the authorization will cover (tuition & fees).
  • The amount of the authorization.
  • Whether authorization applies after financial aid.
  • The funding organization's name, address, tax identification number, contact name, telephone number.
  • If private information is needed by the third party, the student must provide us with a written release.
An authorization cannot be conditional on a student's performance in or completion of the course(s).   Agencies or organizations that require course completion or proof of grades before authorizing payment do not qualify for Linfield University's third-party billing process.  

Students participating in these types of reimbursement programs are responsible for making their own payments in accordance with Linfield University policy and the semester due dates, and must seek reimbursement directly from their sponsoring agency or organization. 

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that authorizations are received by the Student Accounts Office on or before the last day of the add/drop period for each semester to avoid late fees.  Late fees will be assessed according to normal college policy if forms are received after the add/drop period.

All Third-Party Vouchers and authorizations must be emailed to the Student Accounts Manager, Tara Kleinberg in the Student Accounts Office.

If you are receiving Tuition Assistance from Navy, Marine, AmeriCorps, or any Military branch please see our Veterans Benefits Page.

Textbooks Included - First Day Complete

Starting with the 2023-24 academic year, Linfield University is rolling out a convenient and equitable way for students to get textbooks.  In partnership with Barnes & Noble, the First Day Complete textbook rental program will bundle all of a student’s required print and online course material for the semester ahead. Students can pick up all the materials in person or have them shipped for a small fee. Textbook costs will be included in tuition, which ensures that price isn’t a barrier for low-income students and that all students will have the materials they need for the first day of class.

More information about First Day Complete is online at can be emailed to

Student Responsibility

  • You must pay your portion of the bill (net balance owed) by the semester due date or your account will be assessed late payment fees.  Failure to pay your balance may put a hold from registration, transcripts and diploma requests.
  • If you are applying for or receiving financial aid you must report any third-party payment to the Financial Aid Office. 
    • Please be aware the amount received from the third-party will, in most cases, impact the amount of other financial aid you are eligible to receive.  
  • Linfield University is unable to invoice a Third Party for any items that are not billed/charged to your student account.
  • Linfield University does not submit grades or transcripts.  You are responsible for providing any additional information required by the sponsoring agency.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the Student Accounts Office if there are changes to the terms of your contract.
  • Some sponsors only pay approved courses and fees.  It is your responsibility to determine what charges your sponsor plans to pay and know the requirements for you to receive their funds.
  • You are responsible for paying your portion of the bill by the terms due date to avoid late payment fees.

Third-Party Billing & Invoice Timing

Third-party billing will commence at the end of the add/drop period for the semester (typically 4 weeks into the semester).  Linfield University will directly bill the third-party company and/or organization on the billing voucher/authorization in accordance with the sponsors instructions and requirements.

Any portion not covered by a third party is the student's responsibility to pay by the appropriate semester due dates. Terms of the agreement are not based on the grades received at the end of the semester.

Third-party payments are processed through the Student Accounts Office as soon as they are received.   After the payment is processed it will be posted to your student account.   You can check if the third-party payment has been posted to your account by logging into your Nelnet Student Account Portal.  

If you do not see the third-party payment posted on your account, it means we have not received the funds, or it has not been invoiced because the add/drop period for your semester is not over.  We do, however; place release codes on your account to ensure you are not charged late fees or registration holds if we are only waiting on your approved third-party funds.  

If you have additional questions or need further information, please contact Tara Kleinberg in the Student Accounts Office, by email.