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Late Fees

Students are expected to complete financial arrangements before classes begin. The consequences of not adhering to these dates will range from financial fines set by the school up to and including cancellation of enrollment. 

Student bills which have not been paid before the start of the semester, or any subsequent overdue amount, are subject to additional charges including but not limited to a 1% monthly finance charge, reasonable attorney fees, both on trial and appeal, other costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due, and cancellation of registration or withholding of services including but not limited to transcripts, grades and diploma. 

Finance charges and/or fines will be levied on student accounts including but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • A $100 late clearing fee will be applied to a student account for any student who has not followed the account clearing/payment date requirements on the following semester dates:
    • August 16th, for fall semester
    • February 2nd, for spring semester
  • A 1% per month finance charge will be applied to a student account balance beginning:
    • November 1st, for fall semester
    • March 1st, for spring semester
  • A $30 returned check charge will be levied for all returned checks.
  • Nelnet will assess A $50 per month late fee on each monthly payment plan payment that is past due.

If you have any questions regarding finance charges or late fees on your account, please contact the Student Accounts Office at or 503-883-2241.

The school will report the amount of an overdue account and other relevant information to a national credit bureau when a student is no longer enrolled at Linfield if payment arrangements are not made. If you are a former student owing a balance, please contact the Student Accounts Office at or 503-883-2461.