Inside Linfield - Strategic Communications

The Linfield University Brand

The Linfield brand is much more than a logo. It's what our students, parents, faculty, alumni, peers and community all think, feel and respond to when they encounter anything and everything Linfield. Maintaining consistency through language, tone, messaging, design elements and visuals is imperative to strengthening our brand and sharing it with others. 

If you have any questions related to Linfield's branding or the following resources, contact the Office of Strategic Communications.


Brand Guidelines 

Learn more about Linfield's brand platform and identity. This document also provides guidelines on Linfield's color palette, logos and font families: 


Editorial Style 

The following guides set the standards for how we tell the story of Linfield University:


Additional guidance on writing about specific topics can be found at: 


Visual Identity

Use these links to download .png, .jpg and .eps files of the Linfield logo and seal:



Upgrade your emails, presentations and office stationary to Linfield-branded items: