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If you are experiencing an emergency or are in immediate safety risk, call 9-1-1. If you are concerned that someone may be monitoring your internet history, exit this page and open a private web search page.

Understanding supportive measures

Supportive measures are non-disciplinary, non-punitive services offered as appropriate, based on each individual situation. They are made reasonably available and free of charge to both parties (the reporting party or the responding party) whether or not a formal report has been filed.

Campus-based supportive measures include:

  • Issuing a no-contact order: This prohibits contact between students when there exists a reasonable concern that physical or psychological harm may result from such contact.
  • No trespassing or location limits:
    • When a non-Linfield person or persons is involved, this prohibits them from being on campus.
    • When a Linfield community member is involved, this limits their access to certain locations.
  • Housing change: a change in on-campus housing.
  • Academic support: a change in class schedule, transfer sections, ability to take an "incomplete," drop a course without penalty.
  • Counseling services: available to students on both the McMinnville and Portland campuses
  • Medical services: available to students through SHWCC on the McMinnville campus
  • Survivor advocacy: Linfield has a confidential campus advocate for matters relating to sexual misconduct and relationship violence

Community-based supportive measures include:

  • Protective order: Contact the District Attorney's Crime Victim Advocate Office at 503-434-7510