Inside Linfield - Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence

Faculty & Staff Resources

If a student discloses to you that they have been affected by sexual misconduct or relationship violence, it is important that you are prepared to appropriately respond to them with the relevant resources. It is also important to advise the reporting student that you cannot offer them confidentiality; you are required to contact the Dean of Students, Linfield Public Safety or Title IX Officer. If the student wishes to speak to a confidential support person, please refer them to one of the following resources: 

Student Health Center: Walker 103, Monday-Friday, 9AM-3PM, 503-883-2535

For complete information regarding Linfield's policies related to Sexual Misconduct (page 25).

To notify the College of a reported incident or for further information of your rights and responsibilities as a faculty or staff member, please contact the Dean of Students Office, Melrose 110, 503-883-2278; Linfield Public Safety, Cozine Hall, 503-883-7233; or Linfield’s Title IX Officers

Title IX Coordinator
Susan Hopp, Vice President of Student Affairs and Athletics/Dean of Students
Title IX Deputies
Brenda DeVore Marshall, Professor Theatre & Communication Arts,
Mary Ann Rodriguez, Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO
Jeff Mackay, Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life
Jane Samuels, Associate Athletic Director/Senior Women's Administrator