Inside Linfield - Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence

Prevention & Risk Reduction

CATS (Consent Awareness Training Squad) is a program whose goals are to increase awareness about sexual misconduct and educate the campus community about how to develop healthier relationships. Bystander intervention is another important component to teach students to be direct, to distract or to delegate when they see a peer or friend in a risky situation.

Participation in CATS requires students to have a strong desire to work towards ending sexual violence. To be effective in a program like CATS, it takes effort and commitment from a variety of students, faculty and staff at Linfield. Students selected to participate are expected to be role models in and out of the classroom. The CATS training is offered each spring through the Health & Human Performance Department as a graded 2 credit course. Students who have completed the course are selected to offer peer presentations to the fall incoming freshmen class as part of orientation to the college.


Linfield's Health Promotion & Student Wellness Office located in Memorial 101 works to provide risk reduction and prevention programming throughout the academic year. Annual programs include but are not limited to the following: AlcoholWise, Freshmen Orientation, Wellness Week, Bystander Intervention Boosters, National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Spring Break Safety, Peer Health Wellness/CHOICES/CATS.