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Professional Staff

Jeff Mackay
Director of Residence Life, Dean of Students

Jeff (him/his) serves Linfield Residence Life as the Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life. He has the pleasure of working with the Area Directors to oversee the Housing and Residence Life Program at Linfield. Jeff also works with the college student success team and works with Linfield's community standards and student conduct program. Jeff is a Linfield University alumnus where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He later went on to earn his Master of Science in Education: Policy, Foundations and Administration from Portland State University. Prior to his current role, Jeff served as the Director of College Activities at Linfield for 12 years. Jeff is proud of the Linfield Residence Life Program for creating wonderful opportunities to build communities and friendships that can last for a lifetime. Jeff is married to a Linfield alumna with whom he has two wonderful children who both keep him busy with their school and out of class activities.

Kristen Andersen
Area Director - Residential Education

Kristen (she/her or they/them) serves Linfield Residence Life as the Area Director for Residential Education. As an Area Director Kristen supervises the RLA for Community Relations, the RAs for the small halls, and the Community Assistants (CAs). Kristen also serves in an on-call capacity through a duty rotation with the three other Area Directors. She is also in charge of planning, coordinating, and running all Residence Life trainings and assessments. Kristen earned her B.A. in Mathematics with a minor in Art from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. She later went on to earn her Master of Science in College Student Services Administration from Oregon State University where she completed a thesis on Visual Expressions of Anxiety : An Exploration of how Students with Anxiety Perceive and Interact with Formal Learning Environments. Prior to her current role, Kristen served for three years as an RA in both hall and apartment style buildings during her undergrad. During grad school she worked with the Center for Teaching & Learning and the Department of Biology doing pedagogy development with professors and Graduate Teaching Assistants. She also held internships with the offices of Difference, Power, & Discrimination, Student Leadership & Involvement, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. At Linfield outside of her Area Director duties Kristen also serves as the advisor for Fusion, our Queer Student Union. Kristen is incredibly proud of Res Life's communities; both in the department and that they help foster in the halls. Linfield has such strong inter-personal relationships, "I’m proud of how we help form those connections and our work to provide spaces for those connections to flourish," Kristen says. As a part of this, Kristen is proud of Res Life's work of fostering space where everyone can bring more of themselves and their identities everywhere they go. Outside of work, Kristen lives with her long-term partner and their energetic Australian Shepard. She still practices her art and is often drawn towards spending time outside in the wilderness and building muscle through hiking and swimming. She considers herself a huge nerd with video games and D&D being two of her outlets. Kristen aims to be a life-long learner so she is always reading, broadening her perspectives, and breaking/rebuilding her world schema.

Robert2.jpgRobert Sharp
Area Director - Housing

Robert (he/him/his) serves Linfield Residence Life as the Area Director for Housing. He manages all housing processes including key systems, housing transitions, room changes, registration, move-in & check out. He also oversees the Suburb apartments (Blaine Street Apartments, College Avenue Apartments, Dana Hall, HP Apartments, and Newby Hall). Robert earned his BS in Biology and Environmental Sustainability from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA and is currently pursuing a MA in Higher Education Administration from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. During his undergraduate career, Robert served as a Resident Assistant and a Senior Resident Assistant and fell in love with aiding in the student experience. After graduating from school Robert moved to Crete, Nebraska and worked at Doane University as both a Community Director and the Coordinator of Residential Education for around 5 years. Robert believes strongly in the residential experience and hopes to create the best environment for students to succeed in their academic and personal goals. Robert is entering his second year with Linfield, but is incredibly excited to be working with such a positive and engaging institution. Outside of work, Robert lives with his long-term partner and their clumsy cat and brand new puppy. He is a classic geek and loves to spend his time diving into a board or video game, or setting up a quick adventure in D&D.

Kathleen Jensen
Area Director - Student Leadership

Kathleen (she/her) serves Linfield Residence Life as the Area Director for Student Leadership. She advises & oversees the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and manages the student staff hiring & selection processes. Kathleen also oversees the Large Halls within Res Life - Campbell, Jane Failing, and Mahaffey. Kathleen earned her BS in Anthropology from Appalachian State University, and has a MA in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Slippery Rock University. As an undergraduate student, she served as an RA for three years and served as president of her campus programming board. During her time at Slippery Rock University, she served as a Graduate Hall Director at the University of Pittsburgh in Titusville for two years and completed internships at Elon University and Westminster College. After completing her graduate program, Kathleen relocated to Oregon where she worked as an Area Coordinator at Southern Oregon University for two years. She started her current position at Linfield in August of 2017 and is excited to be entering into year two! Kathleen is extremely proud of the student-focused direction Res Life has taken with RHA over the past year. Throughout the year, Kathleen facilitates leadership trainings and committees to prepare RHA students to take on other positions across campus. Outside of work, Kathleen has two cats who live with her on campus —Haley and Jax. Kathleen also loves to go on adventures with her partner, photography, and crafting.

Lainie-Crop.jpgLainie Sowell
Area Director - Student Success

Lainie (she/her) serves Linfield Residence Life as the Area Director for Student Success. She advises Elkinton, Terrell, Hewitt, Larsell, and Miller. Lainie also coordinates Residence Life assessment and Linfield’s response to student Care Reports. Lainie earned her BA in Special Education and Psychology from Converse College in South Carolina, and her MA in Student Affairs Administration from Lewis & Clark in Portland, OR. As an undergraduate student, Lainie served as a Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader, and Chair of Converse’s Honor Board. After college, she taught special education for four years before pursuing her graduate degree. Lainie’s previous work in Student Affairs includes student conduct, student care/welfare, and first-year success programming. In Lainie’s free time, she enjoys hiking and camping with her partner and dog, baking, and reading with one of her 2 cats on her lap.