Inside Linfield - Housing

Checking out

Standard vs. Express checkout

You have the option of choosing a Standard Checkout or an Express Checkout:

Standard Checkout

If you want to review your room condition inventory, you may choose to checkout with your RA (Standard Checkout). You MUST complete a standard checkout if you want the opportunity to appeal any charges or fines assessed to your student account at a later date.

To Complete a Standard Checkout

  • Email your RA at least 48 hours in advance to schedule a checkout time with your RA
  • At checkout time, review your room's condition
  • Turn in your envelope and key to your RA (residence halls)
  • Turn in your form and key to Mahaffey 127 or drop box (suburbs)

Express Checkout

Most students choose an express checkout option. If choosing to use an Express Checkout, you will not meet with an RA. By choosing an Express Checkout, you WAIVE your right to appeal any charges or fines assessed to your student account at a later date. If you have concerns about damage or cleaning charges sign up for a standard check out time with your RA.

To complete an Express Checkout

  • Read and complete checkout envelope/form (both sides)
  • Seal envelope with your key inside
  • Turn envelope/form in to Mahaffey 127 or drop box

Empty and clean room

  • Rooms should be completely cleaned, emptied of personal belongings, and move-in ready (Move furniture, look under beds, double and triple-check drawers)
  • Forgotten items will NOT be saved nor stored for you
  • Do NOT leave cleanings supplies or other items behind "for next year's residents"
  • Cleaned = vacuumed, dusted, and all garbage removed from the room

Common areas

  • Common Areas must also be cleaned, vacuumed, and free of garbage
  • Do NOT use common area garbage cans for personal garbage

Avoiding common fines & charges

  • Failure to return key appropriately ($85)
  • Not showing up to or not being ready for a pre-scheduled RA checkout ($50)
  • Personal items left in room/drawers/closets ($10 and up)

Mailroom keys

  • If you plan to return to Linfield in the Fall, you may keep your mailbox key over the summer
  • Students who are graduating, withdrawing, taking a leave of absence or participating in a Fall Study Abroad must return their key to avoid a fine and are asked to leave a forwarding address with Mail Services
  • Mailbox key-return/mail-forwarding slips will be delivered to your unit box prior to finals. All students must fill out this form, even if you plan to remain on campus this summer
  • Mailbox keys need to be returned to the mailroom. Mailbox keys should not be returned to Residence Life.

Extended stay requests

All residents, except graduating seniors and summer residents, must vacate their rooms within 24 hours of their last final exam. Other students who wish to stay longer must complete and turn in a Spring Extended Stay Agreement.  Seniors and summer residents do not need to file an extended stay agreement.

Summer residents

Students who have registered to live on campus over the summer will remain in their spring housing for the week after graduation. Key pick-up and moving into summer housing will happen sometime the first week of June. Students registered for summer housing will be notified of exact move out and move in dates.

Summer students must remove all personal items from common areas (bathrooms, lounges, kitchens) by the end of Finals week. Items that must stay in common areas (such as refrigerated food) must be clearly labled with name and "summer resident". Unlabled items will be donated or thrown away as part of annual hall cleaning.

Summer residents will not need to vacuum their rooms upon moving out (vacuums may not be available) but they should still clean their space to the best of their ability.

Quiet hours

  • Out of respect for students studying for finals, 24-hour quiet hours will be in effect during finals week and over the weekend
  • Noise violations during quiet hours will be sent to the Dean of Students office for conduct review

Zero-waste move out - donations and recycling

Moving out and have extra stuff? There are plenty of places to re-purpose and recycle your items this year: 


Have useful stuff you don’t need anymore? Look for the Give n' Go blue bins near your campus residence. Acceptable items include useable and clean: clothing, appliances, furniture, tools, books, sporting goods, etc.


Most items can be recycled. All cardboard, paper, metal, glass and some plastics can be recycled in the regular commingled and glass recycling. Larger reusable items and miscellaneous recycling including: Books, electronics, TV’s and monitors can be recycled in specific locations marked on the Zero-Waste Move out guide.


This should be your last option. Strictly reserved for materials that cannot be recycled such as styrofoam and some plastics. Pretty much everything else can be donated, recycled, or composted.


Residence hall storage

Bike storage

Summer bike storage is offered to all students on a space-available, at-your-own-risk basis.
To store your bike on campus over the summer first register your bike (free of charge) with Linfield Public Safety in Cozine Hall. CPS will then give you access to a bike storage room in the HP apartments.
Students are encouraged to secure their bikes with a lock.

Off-campus storage

If you are moving into a suburb or are otherwise in need of storage, you may wish to consider one of the below companies:

  • McMinnville Self Store 503.472.5613
  • Pacific Rentals and Storage 503.474.9595
  • Mac RV and Self-Storage 503.835.7171
  • Your Space Storage McMinnville 503.472.2986

Last meals

Dillin’s last meal will be Brunch the day before commencement.