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Linfield winter closure policies

In the event of inclement weather, each campus has a safety team in place to assess what, if any, delays or closures are appropriate. After notifying the president and obtaining permission, Linfield Public Safety sends out notifications, usually between 5 and 6:30 a.m.

Those who have signed up for CatAlert will receive a text. There will also be emergency information on as well as a FlashAlert to local media (including KXL AM, KEX AM, KOPB FM, KOIN TV, and KGW TV among others) for distribution.

We do not follow the guidance of area school districts, as those determinations are made based on bus routes.

Those with longer or more difficult commutes should assess their own safety in travel even if the university is open. Employees may take PTO or work remotely if possible; see the Employee Handbook and speak with your supervisor for more information. Students should work with faculty to make up for any missed work or assignments.

If the Portland campus is closed, clinical placements are as well. Final practicum students should assess their own safety during travel and work with their supervisors.

If you are new to Oregon winter weather:

You’re in for some surprises! Snow and ice in the Willamette Valley are notoriously difficult to predict accurately. A distance of only a few miles can be the difference between two feet of snow and 40-degree rain, which is why each campus makes its own closure determinations.

If you’re used to driving in winter conditions elsewhere, please be cautious: roads are generally not salted or plowed, and temperatures often fluctuate slightly above and below 32 degrees, which leads to heavy ice.