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HHPA Facilities Usage Policy

  1. General Policy
  2. Priority Usage
  3. Supervision and Assignment of Responsibilities
  4. Scheduling
  5. Administration
  6. Facilities and Equipment

General Policy

  1. The Complex and other HHPA facilities are to receive optimal use within available time and resources.
  2. The approved programs for academic instruction, intercollegiate athletics, intramural sports, and recreational use by students, faculty, staff, and conferences are to be given every opportunity to develop unhindered by non-College use.
  3. Approved special event usage of benefit to the University will be permitted.
  4. The Complex and other facilities will not be used in a manner so as to compete with community programs and businesses.
  5. This policy will be reviewed at least annually to make such adjustments as may be dictated by experience and additional information.

Priority Usage

Usage of the Complex and Facilities are listed in order of priority which are dependent on reservations and/or events scheduled by the Director of Facilities and coordinated with the Director of Auxiliary Services, Director of Athletics, and Chair of the HHPA. (See Scheduling/Reservations)

  1. Special campus-wide events.
  2. Day use (8 a.m. - 3 p.m.) - classes, open recreation.
  3. Afternoon Use/Night Use (3 p.m. - 9 p.m.) - intercollegiate athletic competition, classes, intercollegiate practice, intramural, club sports, open recreation.
  4. Closed hour usage - Complex and Facility usage during closed hours must be approved by Athletic Director, HHPA Chair, and/or Facility Director and usage must be supervised by an administrator or hhpa staff member. Administrators using the HHPA during closed hours assume full responsibility and liability in any injury or damage incurred.

In all instances priority for usage will be given to Linfield students, faculty and staff. Members of the Linfield community entitled to use the Complex or facilities will be issued an identification card, which is to be in his/her possession during the time when he/she is using the Complex or facilities or to check out equipment.  Family members of Linfield employees are permitted to use the Complex or facilities at appropriate times but will also be required to carry a Linfield identification card. Family members may not bring a guest. Guests (one) are permitted use of the facilities only when in the company of an authorized Linfield community member or upon issuances of a temporary guest pass by the Director of Facilities.

It may be desirable to authorize use of the Complex and HHPA facilities by community members who contribute or whose employer contributes significantly to Linfield University. Individuals to whom this privilege has been extended will be required to carry the appropriate identification card issued by Linfield University. These cards are available in the office of the Vice President of Business and Finance. In requesting a card the user agrees to comply with the priorities and rules for usage. HHPA faculty and staff have an obligation and responsibility for removal of any persons who are not authorized to use the Complex and HHPA facilities.

HHPA Recreational Usage Facility Hours

See the HHPA Facilities Recreational Usage page on for the most up-to-date schedule.

Supervision and Assignment of Responsibilities

  1. Supervision of the Complex and HHPA facilities for instructional purposes is the responsibility of the HHPA Facilities Director.  Supervision during athletic contests is the responsibility of the Director of Athletics.
  2. The Director of Facilities, the Assistant Director of Facilities and the Aquatics Director will have designated responsibilities for the administration and the supervision of events depending on times of usage and the areas being used. All three Directors will report to the HHPA Department Chair, and the Director of Athletics.
    1. Director of Facilities - Coordinate Athletic Event set up/breakdown, security, clean-up, HHPA Work study Secretaries, Field House Monitors, Control Desk Monitors, and Facility Maintenance Projects.
    2. Assistant Director of Facilities - Supervision and Training of Equipment Room /Laundry Room Monitors, Weight Room  Monitors, and Gym Floor Maintenance.
    3. Aquatics Director - Supervision of Lifeguards and Pool Maintenance.
  3. Complex and HHPA facility administration is the direct responsibility of the Director of Facilities.  The Director of Facilities will report to the HHPA Department Chair on instructional related matters and to the Director of Athletics for athletic related matters.
  4. Departmental concerns related to indoor and outdoor HHPA facilities, with the exception of the pool, are to be directed to the Director of Facilities, including requests for repair, maintenance and capital improvements.  All pool related concerns would be referred to the Aquatics Director who will work in coordination with the Director of Facilities and HHPA Chair.
  5. Incident reports should be made whenever there is any damage to the building. Accident reports should be filled out whenever there is an injury requiring   medical attention. These should go through the Facilities Director. The HHPA emergency plan protocol and procedures as well as incident and accident forms are located at every work-study location.  The emergency plan will include roles, contacts, and the directions in case of an emergency.


  1. Scheduling and reservations of the Complex and HHPA facilities for special events and/or ASLU approved student activities will be handled according to regular College procedures, i.e., through the Director of Auxiliary Services and Registrars Office. The Director of Auxiliary Services will work with the Director of Facilities and the Director of Student Activities in scheduling types of usage of the Complex and HHPA facilities and in setting dates, set-up and clean-up, and hours for such usage. No reservations are made for recreational use. 
  2. Within the general schedules as outlined in (1), the HHPA Department through the Director of Facilities will have responsibility for making specific usage assignments for such areas as the racquetball courts, playing fields, weight room, field house, and gyms.  The HHPA Facility classrooms, conference room, and multipurpose room reservations are organized by Auxiliary Services and coordinated with the Director of Facilities.
  3. Athletic game fields are closed for recreational use. Reservations and/or usage requests are to be sent to the Director of Facilities and/or to the Director of Athletics. Director of Facilities will manage and coordinate HHPA building and Athletic field venue reservations and usage.

***Linfield and McMinnville School District will have a reciprocal deal with Linfield that we will not charge them and they will not charge us for Facility usage.  If the event calls for set-up and clean up the School District will then pay for the expense.  Proposed usage of the Complex and HHPA facilities by non-Linfield persons or organizations is a policy question.  Questions related to such usage are referred to the Director of Auxiliary Services who will obtain the appropriate policy clearance.  In making a decision on such usage the college will be guided by its commitment to compete with local government programs or business and not liability issues.


  1. Key Control - Key requests are done by completing key a request form (see appendix A). The key request form must be completed and turned into the Director of Facilities. The Director of Facilities, Athletic Director, and HHP Department Chair has keys needed to access any area or lock controlled by HHPA. Keys issued to faculty and staff by Facility Services to access HHPA facilities and/or Athletic Facilities are not to be loaned out.  Those loaning keys with resulting misuse of campus facilities may be liable for any damage that occurs.  Faculty and Staff are responsible for their keys and for any cost to replace lost keys and to re-core locks. Head coaches for athletics and HHP Chair are responsible to have keys returned to Facility Services upon departure of assistance coaches or staff.
  2. Signage - Signs, posters, and messages must be posted only on bulletin boards with approval from Director of Facilities or HHP Department Chair. Unauthorized areas (doors, windows, etc) for posting information must be approved and granted permission. Poster putty is required in attaching materials. No tape of any kind is permitted for posting materials. No signs may be posted on doors, walls, or windows without authorization of the Facility Director.
  3. Hardwood Floors - To preserve the life and beauty of the hardwood floors, all shoes worn on areas that have wood floors are to be appropriately soled for hardwood floors and shall be clean and free of dirt.  Shoes that leave marks are not permitted.  Spiked or cleated shoes are not to be worn in any HHPA buildings.  Non-adhesive floor tape must be used when marking the wood floors.  No masking, duct tape or scotch tape maybe used.
  4. HHPA Access- HHPA access request for the team rooms, treatment center, and/or building are to be sent to the Director of Facilities with names (first and last) and Linfield ID numbers. Director of Facility will send access requests to Campus Security.
  5. Usage during Closed Hours- Linfield staff and administration using the HHPA facilities during closed hours assume all risk and liability while in the HHPA. In addition, he or she will be responsible for any person(s) they allow access into the HHPA or any of its venues.

Facilities and Equipment

  1. Equipment Check Out-
    • At or before the beginning of class, HHPA faculty will check out needed    instructional equipment from the equipment room monitor.  The monitor will assist the instructor either by issuing items to each student or to the instructor for the entire class.  If items are to be issued individually, the student must leave her/his Linfield ID card with the supervisor.  The card will be returned when the equipment is checked back in.  The instructor is responsible for the return of the equipment that he/she has checked out.  The equipment room monitor must document all equipment checked out to instructors and students.
    • Equipment may be checked out for recreational purposes to those with a Linfield ID card (students, faculty, staff, dependents, friends of the College).  The equipment room monitor will retain the card until return of the equipment.  Guests checking out equipment will be required to leave their sponsor’s ID card with the equipment room monitor until the equipment is returned.  The equipment room monitor will check the condition of the tennis/racquetball rackets before and after they are checked out.  If there is any damage, then the user will be assessed the replacement cost of the equipment.
  2. Usage Schedules- Usage schedules will be posted outside the equipment room for the gyms, treatment center, weight room, racquetball courts, field house and pool.  These schedules will reflect instructional, athletic and recreational use as well as budgetary considerations.
  3. Locker Check Out-
    • The Assistant Facility Director or student equipment room monitor will check out lockers.  Faculty and staff may check out lockers on a permanent basis with dependents expected to use the locker of the employee where possible.  Students registered for a physical education class may check out a locker for the semester in which they are registered.  Open lockers also will be available, on a space available basis, for recreational users with an ID card or a guest pass.  These open lockers will be located in the physical education sections of the men’s and women’s locker rooms.  Users of open lockers will receive a lock for the day’s use with their ID card or driver’s license, as appropriate, used as security for return of the lock. 
    • Teams will be assigned to the Team Room Locker rooms by the Assistant Facilities Director based on the number of participants and length of season of each sport.  The head coach will assign individual lockers within the team room. Coaches assigned electronic card access to team rooms will send an email list of the people to access the team rooms to the Director of Facilities who will then send the approved list of names to Campus Security Staff.
  4. Weight Room and Fitness Center-
    • The weight room and fitness center are for use by members of the Linfield Community, their dependents, guests accompanied by their Linfield hosts, and friends of the College who have been issued an ID card or a guest pass.  No children under the age of 13 are permitted to use the weight room.  Children ages 13 to 16 are permitted to use the weight room with accompanied adult supervision present.  
    • The weight room and fitness center will have regular open hours for use.  Faculty and staff who open the weight room and/or fitness center during closed hours are responsible for supervision of weight room and/or fitness room, people in the weight room and/or fitness room, and knowing the emergency action plan protocol.  NOTE:  All persons who use weight room and fitness equipment should be instructed in its proper use by weight room supervisors.  Rules for use of the weight room and fitness center will be posted and strictly enforced.  There are two hours per week set aside for work-study maintenance of the weight room.
  5. Gyms-
    • Hours for upper and lower gymnasium use will be posted at the equipment room.  During recreational and instructional hours the main gymnasium will have the divider curtain lowered as needed to provide the potential for maximum use.  Operation of the divider curtain in the main gymnasium, wall baskets, public address system, scoreboards, gymnasium lights, spectator stands and portable baskets are to be operated only by designated HHPA faculty and staff or other authorized personnel trained in their usage.  To help preserve hardwood floors, gym doors (upper and lower gyms) that exit outdoors are to be used only as emergency exits. 
    • Food and drink will only be permitted during athletic contests and special events when the concession stand is in operation.  NO outside beverage containers are permitted into the HHPA building during home basketball games.
    • Video platforms are off-limits except for official use by authorized personnel. 
    • Upper and lower storage rooms will be available for storage of physical education and athletic equipment with space assigned by the Facilities Director.  All students accessing these areas are to be accompanied by an HHPA faculty or staff member.
  6. Racquetball/Handball Courts - Racquetball/handball court usage will be scheduled through the on duty equipment room monitor.  Reservations for open use can be made only one day in advance.  Linfield faculty and staff will be given priority for use weekdays from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. daily. Reservations will be documented at the equipment room.  Persons using the racquetball/handball courts must have approved court shoes and wear eye guards.  Wooden and metal racquets must have bumper guards and all racquets must have wrist thongs.  A key can be obtained from the equipment room monitor to open the door with an appropriate Linfield ID card. The key should then be returned to the equipment room monitor.
  7. Pool - The Director of Aquatics will be directly responsible for scheduling and the administration of the pool in coordination with the Director of Facilities and HHPA Chair.  Pool hours will be posted at the equipment room with usage priority to be as outlined above under Priority Usage
    Guidelines for those using the pool are as follows:
    • The pool is open to Linfield students, faculty and staff, dependents, guests (one) accompanied by their Linfield host and friends of the College who have been issued an ID card or a guest pass.
    • There is to be no unsupervised pool use. All pool use is to be coordinated with approval by the Aquatics Director.
    • Certified Lifeguards will be present during open facility hours. Lifeguards are trained in and have access to the Aquatic Policy and the Emergency Action Plan.
    • An adult must accompany children under the age 14.  No children under the age of 2 will be allowed in the pool.
    • The entrance and exit to/from the pool will be through the locker rooms.  Showers are required before use.  The attire will be swimsuits only (no shorts, cut-offs, T-shirts, etc.)  Street clothes and/or shoes are not allowed on the pool deck. 
    • Diving board is not available for recreation use and must be approved for usage by Aquatic Director. Behavior, which includes running, pushing, or excessive horseplay, is not permitted.  There can be no diving in the shallow end of the pool and the starting blocks are off-limits for recreational use.
    • Eating, drinking, tobacco, chewing gum and glass containers will not be permitted.  Foul or abusive language will not be permitted.
  8. Exercise Science and Anatomy Laboratories - Faculty members wishing to use either the exercise science or anatomy laboratory and/or equipment should coordinate their use with the lab coordinator and others who may be using the facility or equipment. The Faculty member should ensure that she/he is knowledgeable in the proper care and use of any equipment used and that the equipment used should be returned in good working order to its place of storage. The equipment should be maintained properly and any damage or malfunction should be repaired and/or reported immediately to the Lab Coordinator or Professor caring for the equipment.
  9. Classrooms, Multi-Purpose Room, and Conference Room – Classrooms, multi-purpose room, and conference room in the HHPA are scheduled through Auxiliary Services and coordinated with the Director of Facilities. Staff, students, coaches, and/or supervisors using the classrooms or conference room are asked to help in maintaining and securing the rooms by turning off audio or visual equipment used, arranging the desks and chairs, securing the windows, closing the blinds, picking up trash, and turning the lights off when done using the classrooms, conference room and/or multi-purpose.
  10. Treatment Center - The Head Certified Athletic Trainers are responsible for staffing and management of the Treatment Center. Students referred by the Student Health Center and intercollegiate athletes will have access to services provided by the athletic training staff in the Treatment Center. Immediate first aid and emergency care will be provided for all facility users. Treatment Center hours are posted on the door.
  11. Field house - The Field house is for use by members of the Linfield Community, their dependents, guests (one) accompanied by their Linfield hosts, and friends of the college who have been issued an ID card or a guest pass.  All users must sign in with the Field house monitor.  The Field house will have posted hours for use.  Classes, Intercollegiate sports practices and competition will have priority over recreational use.  A Field house monitor will be responsible for the help and instruction of equipment set-up.  The Field house monitor will have the final decision on recreational sports based on safety and space available.
  12. Other
    • Animals and/or pets are not permitted in the HHPA Complex or on the Athletic Facilities. Guide dogs/Companion dogs are an exception given that the Facility Director, Assistant Facility Director, Aquatic Director, and/or the Athletic Director are notified.
    • Bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, and/or roller skates are not permitted in the HHPA Facility or on the track.
    • Football and Track Usage- NO food, sugared drinks, gum, or seeds on field and track. NO recreational use during track season, Monday- Friday from 3 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., Saturdays, and/or during special events.
    • Fire Pit Usage- Requests sent to Director of Facilities and to Auxiliary Services.  Users must follow guidelines and instructions given by Auxiliary services.