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Gear Rental

Choose your own adventure with Linfield's Outdoor Recreation Rental Program! From kayaks, bicycles, tents, sleeping bags and backpacks to snowshoes and bear bins, Outdoor Recreation has almost anything you could need for your very own outdoor adventure!

For all rental inquiries and other questions, please email

Rental policy

All rentals start with a  four-day base fee; any day after that is an additional $1 per day. The day on which the gear is rented out is the first day of the rental. The gear must be returned within three days of that four-day span, unless additional days have been paid for.

Renting and returning is available Monday-Friday during the academic calendar. Please request gear at least three days before the first day of renting. Sending in a request does not guarantee a rental. Gear availability is dependent on the time of year and other rental requests.

Return Policy

All gear must be returned by its agreed-upon return date, and in the same condition as it was rented out. Failure to return items by the designated return date will result in a late fee of $5 per additional day. If items are returned damaged, a fee will be determined up to the full retail price, based on the damage to the item.

If the renter fails to return the item or pay the damage fee within 14 days of the initial agreed return date, they will be charged through the college conduct process.