Inside Linfield - Mail Services

Student information

Checking mail in Withnell Commons

Service Window Hours

Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Saturday Closed-distribute mail only

Mail Services provided through USPS:
Purchase postage
Register mail
Certified mail
USPS Tracking
Return receipt
Priority Express
Priority Mail
Other Services:
Federal Express (limited)
United Parcel Service

Payment for Services:
Cash and Check
Debit or Credit with a $5.00 minimum charge (We do not accept American Express)

Mail Drops

  • Outgoing and campus mail slots are located to the left of the Mail Services window.
  • Last pickup of mail drop is 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Mail/Package Distribution

  • Mail sorted into your unit by noon.
  • Mail sorted by name and unit number.
  • Mail will be delayed or returned if name and unit number on the mailpiece do not match the name and number on your unit.
  • For packages too large for your unit or have tracking,  Mail Services will send notification via your Linfield e-mail account.  Please bring your Linfield ID to the service window to pick it up.
  • Special requests for package pickup should be directed to the Mail Services manager.

Please provide family, friends, businesses, etc. with your campus address. Please use the following format.

Student Name Unit #0000 (4 digits)

Linfield University,

190 SW Brumback Street

McMinnville, OR 97128-6899

Note: Your assigned unit number will be 4 digits. Your unit number is critical. This tells us where to put your mail. Be sure to also use it when ordering books and magazines.

Campus Mail

You may send mail to students/faculty/staff free of charge. Campus mail must be addressed to a name and unit number and include a return address. Your online Lindex is a great resource.

Forwarding Mail

Forwarding USPS mail is provided by Mail Services. If you leave the university and/or graduate, this service is provided for up to one year depending on the class of mail. You are responsible for providing Mail Services with forwarding address information. Forms are available at Mail Services or on this website.

You may now fill out a mail forwarding form online.

Bulk/Standard mail cannot be forwarded and is recycled.  Please notify any companies who might use this service of your address change to avoid unnecessary charges.

Mail is not forwarded during Winter break. It is sorted into the units. Please remember, if you are expecting important bills notify the company of your temporary absence and provide them with another address if you are to receive mail from them during this time.

Insufficiently Addressed Mail

Insufficiently addressed incoming mail travels through a lookup process at Mail Services which occurs after all properly addressed mail has been handled. If the addressee cannot be identified, it will be returned to sender as insufficiently addressed. (Mail that contains student nicknames or parents names will also go through the lookup process and will be returned to sender if it cannot be identified.)

Campus mail insufficiently addressed will also travel through the lookup process. If it cannot be identified, it will be returned to the appropriate person and/or department. General informational flyers to students will be recycled.

Unit Keys

A key will be issued upon your arrival at Linfield University. If you lose this key, Mail Services will order a new key, but you will need to pay a $25 non refundable replacement charge at the time of your order. At the time of your order you will be given a receipt, which will allow you to ask Mail Services for assistance in obtaining your personal mail.

Be sure to bring your key with you when you want to check your unit. Mail Services will not provide this service for you.

Unit Etiquette

Please remove mail from your unit on a regular basis. Check the name of the addressee to see that it belongs to you. Mail not belonging to you should be returned to Mail Services.  Remember, you will be receiving mail from campus departments and/or clubs/organizations as well as from USPS.