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Frequently asked questions

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What time will it be in my unit?

Mail Services strives to have all 1st class mail in units by noon. However, due to large amounts of mail/packages and time restraints this is not guaranteed.

Specific carrier delivery time vary daily and depend on the time of arrival to Mail Services, as well as the number of packages that need processed:

USPS Express usual arrival 3:00 p.m.
UPS usual arrival 12:15 p.m.
DHL varies daily – usually afternoon
Fedex (Express, Home, & Ground) varies daily – usually afternoon

Your Linfield Address:

We strongly encourage the use of your NAME and UNIT number on anything being sent to you.

If mail is improperly addressed it just delays the speediness of mail getting into your hands!! Here's an example of a correct mailing:

Example of letter

How do I receive a package?


packageFor packages that are too big to fit into units or have tracking, Mail Services will send notification via your Linfield email account.  Stop by the service window with your Linfield ID to pick it up.   We are more than happy to retrieve your package!

How do I send a package?

You have a couple choices when sending packages:


Priority, Parcel, Media, Express, and UPS, etc., and depending on which service you choose, you may elect to have the package insured, certified, or USPS tracking.

We will help you at the service window though; so don’t worry. Let us ask a few questions to figure out exactly what you want, weigh the package, and figure out your payment.

Your package will be on its way in no time!

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Can I buy Stamps?

Of course! We’re here to help you in any way we can!

Here’s some common requests:

Regular US 1st class stamp: $ .55
Book of twenty 1st class stamps: $11.00
Regular US Postcard: $ .35
International letter (.5 oz) or
postcard: $1.20

I live off Campus; do I still need a unit?


Yes! All current students at Linfield University are required to hold a unit. You need this to receive Linfield campus mailings as well as a note from a friend or a professor.


What do I do with my key?

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Keep it!! You should hold on to your key for as long as you are at Linfield.

However, Mail Services now requires all students leaving for an extended period of time, like a semester abroad or a leave of absence, to turn in their key. (excludes summer and January Term)

This ensures that you won’t accidentally misplace it!

No Key, No Linfield ID,

No Mail.
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If you lost your key, the replacement fee is $25.00

As always, if you have a question – Just Ask!

We'd love to help!