Inside Linfield - Mail Services

Department services

Service Window Hours: Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday: Service window closed. USPS mail is distributed into units only.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mail Services provided through USPS:
  • Purchase postage
  • Insurance
  • Register mail
  • Certified mail
  • USPS Tracking
  • Prority Express
  • Return receipt
  • Priority mail
Other Services:
Federal Express(limited)
United Parcel Service
Payment for Services:
Cash and Check
Debit or Credit with a $5.00 minimum charge (We do not accept American Express)
Department Charge

Mail Drops

  • Outgoing and campus mail slots are located to the left of the Mail Services window.
  • Meter mail drop is located at the split door to the right of the Mail Services window.

Addressing Business Mail

Mail sent to you at Linfield University should be addressed as follows:


DEPARTMENT NAME, UNIT #A000 (Example: A488)




Please note: Your assigned Unit # will include a letter and 3 digits. Your unit number is helpful to our staff as they sort mail to the correct unit.

Please include your department and unit number in your return address in case a piece is returned.

Addressing Campus Mail

Campus mail must have a name and unit number if addressed to a student.

Mail must have name, department, and unit number if addressed to a department. Your Lindex is a great resource for this information..

Mail Distribution/Sorting

  • Mail Services sorts mail by name, department, and unit number.
  • Mail from USPS is sorted to the units generally by noon, Monday -Saturday
  • Campus mail is sorted continually throughout the day as it arrives at Mail Services.

Insufficiently Addressed Mail

Insufficiently addressed incoming mail travels through a lookupprocess at Mail Services which occurs after all properly addressed mail has been handled. If the addressee cannot be identified, it will be returned to sender as insufficiently addressed. (Please provide names of new employees in your department so mail can be directed to them.)

Campus mail insufficiently addressed will also travel through the lookupprocess. If it cannot be identified, it will be returned to the appropriate person and/or department. General informational flyers to students will be recycled.

Once faculty or staff leave the university, they may continue to receive mail. If the mail has the department noted in the address, the mail will be delivered to that department. It is up to the department to notify the sender of the change in staffing or to stop the mailing.

Insufficiently Addressed Mail is different from Generic Addressed Mail. Mail arriving at Mail Services addressed to Linfield University without any notation of person, department, or unit number will be opened. The mail will then be directed according to the contents.

Campus Mail Delivery/Pickup

  • Monday - Friday: To Melrose Hall and other areas as requested between 11:00 a.m. -11:45 a.m.
  • Monday - Friday: All routes between 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.
  • Times at your specific location vary depending on the volume of mail being delivered and picked up.
  • To ensure your mail is processed in a timely manner, we ask that you give these issues consideration:
  1. One person delivers all mail throughout the campus.
  2. If your mail is not ready when we arrive, this delays delivery and pickup.
  3. If access is unavailable, the mail to be delivered will be returned to Withnell. You may pick up your mail or we will attempt delivery the following day during normal route times.
  4. Proper preparation of mail is vital. One staff person meters the mail and most of the mail arrives at Mail Services when the campus delivery/pickup routes are completed for the day. Mail leaves for the McMinnville USPS at 3:30 daily.

Meter Mail Preparation & Procedures

  • Bundle outgoing departmental meter mail with a rubber band and a POSTAGE SLIP that clearly states your account number.
  • Department return address is clearly stated on each mail piece.
  • #10 envelopes must arrive with flaps down. When sending bundles of #10 envelopes, each individual envelope flap must be down. The meter will not seal them otherwise.
  • All large envelopes (9x12) need to be sealed PRIOR to arrival at Mail Services.
  • All packages need to be boxed, wrapped, addressed, and ready for mailing.
  • FOREIGN MAIL: Sort out and tag separate from domestic mail.
    • Canada: Sort out separately.
    • Mexico: Sort out separately.
    • ALL FOREIGN & APO packages need a completed declaration slip attached to the package. Ask for assistance if you are unsure of what you need. Do not leave the package without a declaration form as USPS will not accept the package.

Campus Mailings (Stuffers) Preparations for Staff and/or Students

  • Student mailings must be in unit number order with the unit number on the piece (smallest to largest--2000-3800).
  • All student mailings must have a count of total pieces attached (25, 50, 100, etc.).
  • For generic university affiliated mailings for all students and/or staff, please notify Mail Services in advance at Ext. 2560 to set up distribution to postal units.

Standard Mail (Bulk and/or Third Class)

Standard mail processing is available through an outside vendor that Mail Services has chosen to use.  We encourage you to coordinate with mail services when you need to send a standard mailing, 1st class presorted mailing or have mail pieces addressed.

Call Ext. 2379 or write