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Tutors are available as a supplemental academic resource to help apply a deeper understanding of class material and practice new concepts. Resources vary based on course, campus, and type of support needed. Contact if you have questions about resources available.

McMinnville and OCE

Individual Tutoring
Tutoring available to students for a minimum of two hours per week per class. There is no cost to utilize tutoring and students can utilize tutoring for multiple classes as needed. It is recommended that McMinnville students speak with their professor and/or attend drop-in department tutoring before requesting an individual tutor.

Request an Individual Tutor

Group Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring resources are available for many departments. 


McMinnville students can access the Writing Center for comprehensive writing support. 

BSN, RN-BSN, and OCE nursing students can utilize writing assistance provided by Kara Frank ( 

School of Nursing

Tutoring is coordinated by LSS. Students should contact Cheri White at for more for information. 

Learning Support Services
Melrose Hall 020