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About Learning Support Services (LSS) at Linfield

LSS is dedicated to supporting Linfield's mission of Connecting Learning, Life and Community. Our goal is to assist all students in the pursuit of their academic and life goals. Our resources include tutoring, academic coaching and holistic student support. We will work cooperatively with you as you develop self-determined behaviors, learn self-advocacy skills, and create a supportive network.

In addition to offering academic assistance, LSS is the coordinator of ADA/504 resources. We are committed to providing equal and integrated access for students with disabilities. We support the inclusion of those with disability identities by ensuring access to accommodations, advocating for inclusive practices, and celebrating the diverse learning community of Linfield University.

LSS resources

LSS online services (log-in for current students)

Individual tutor request (McMinnville/OCE)

Individual tutor request (nursing)

Drop-in tutoring

Application for LSS resources (accommodations)

Video tutorial on how to request a notification letter

Notetaker Signup

Photo of Samantha Kasitz, LSS featured student 2022.

Samantha Kasitz '23

Meet our featured student

Samantha Kasitz, Linfield University School of Nursing, class of 2023. “The advice I would give students who are thinking about working with LSS is to set up a meeting. The team at LSS is very knowledgeable about all the accommodations available and talking about best strategies to be successful in school.” Learn more about Samantha and the featured student program.

Learn more about Samantha