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Zoom offers interactive software that allows video conferencing, meetings online, chat and mobile connections.

Linfield has a customized link with Zoom.  Visit and login with your CatNet credentials.

Sign into the Zoom App

It is important to Sign into the Zoom app to access all the features of Zoom plus Zoom phone.  If you are a host of a meeting it is important to sign into Zoom before your meeting starts.  When signing into Zoom make sure you are using the SSO option.  

Open the Zoom Desktop Application and click on "Sign In". 

shows zoom app with an arrow to the sign in button

2. Click on the "Sign in with SSO" option.

shows the next zoom login screen with arrow to SSO

3. Enter Linfield University as one word with no spaces "linfielduniversity" and click on "continue". 

shows the field you need to enter the url

4. Enter your CatNet credentials and click on "Sign in".

shows the CatNet login page

You should now be signed into the Zoom app and have access to all the features when in a Zoom meeting.  


Performance Optimization for Zoom

  • For best results, and to reduce system induced latency, please close all unnecessary applications prior to hosting or joining a meeting. Limit the number of audio/video applications running simultaneously.
  • When utilizing wireless connectivity for Zoom, ensure signal strength is adequate. If not, try moving to a wired connection. 
  • In Chrome/Firefox, close out of any tabs not needed. The more tabs open the harder the web browser must work.  

Update Zoom

The Zoom app will download updates automatically or prompt to download when there is no meeting in-progress.  To install or reinstall the Zoom app, visit:

To check for updates: 

  • Sign into the Zoom desktop client.
  • Click on the profile photo or initials in the upper right.
  • Click on “Check for Updates”.

Linfield Support

Zoom Support Links


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an account?

To get an account, send an email to ITS requesting an account.


Should I start a meeting in the browser or in the app?

There are advantages to using either a browser or the app to start meetings. Using the desktop app to start meetings is convenient if you plan to hold meetings at your personal desktop computer, as you can download the app onto your computer. Using a browser for meetings can be ideal if you plan to start meetings in conference rooms or other various places on campus, because you can sign in to the Zoom browser from anywhere. For more detailed information, follow this link: when to use each app


Do I need the Outlook plug in?

The Outlook plug in is not a required feature to operate Zoom, but it is useful. The Outlook plugin can create meeting invites in Outlook by email. For more information about the Outlook plug-in, follow this link: downloading apps


Will the meeting turn off at the scheduled time?

The meeting will not automatically turn off at the scheduled time if your meeting is still in progress. It is up to you when to end the meeting, regardless of when you had scheduled the meeting to end.


What's the difference between a scheduled meeting room and my personal meeting room?

Your personal meeting room is a constant virtual meeting space that is always linked to the same 9-digit number. A scheduled meeting room is a virtual meeting space that is different for each individual meeting. Each scheduled meeting room is linked to a meeting ID that is unique to that specific meeting. For more detailed information, follow this link: the difference between a scheduled meeting room and your personal meeting room 


What do I need to know about holding a Zoom meeting in a Linfield conference room?

Contact EMS in advance to provide support if you wish to hold a Zoom meeting in a Linfield conference room. Make sure to arrive early. Log in to your Zoom account using a browser to start the meeting.


How do I download the apps?

To download the apps, go into your Zoom account on a browser window. Scroll to the very bottom of the page. There you will find various apps to download. For more detailed instructions, follow this link: how to download apps 


Can I use Zoom on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can use Zoom on your phone or tablet. There are mobile apps that you can download, which appear similar to the desktop app.


What can I do if my computer does not have a webcam? What can I do if my computer does not have a microphone? 

If you are on campus, contact EMS to borrow a webcam/microphone combo. Otherwise, you can pick up a webcam, headphones or a microphone for under $20. An alternative option is to use your mobile device.