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Linfield has adopted Zoom as the primary provider for phone service on the Portland and McMinnville campuses.  Zoom Phone was launched in Portland at the start of the Spring 2021 term.  Zoom phone will be introduced to the McMinnville campus by July 1, 2021.  Zoom Phone provides flexibility for staff and faculty.  The service allows for traditional phones and extends the phone experience into the Zoom App.  Users can now answer phones while away from the office.   


  • Mac Campus – 4-digit dialing will not work across our older Nortel Phone system and Zoom Phone.  To reach someone during the transition please dial the full 503-883+ extension. 
  • Users will no longer use the 33+extenstion and you won't need to dial 91+number to dial out. 



There are three places to configure your phone experience.   
  1. – The web portal allows you to configure the overall settings for your account.   
  2. Zoom App - There are settings in the Zoom App (requires you to download the Zoom app). 
  3. Yealink Phones – If you have a physical phone it will be the Yealink phone.  There are settings on the physical phone.  In this document we will go over some of the basics for each of these settings.   


The first thing you will need to do is complete the setup on your account via the Zoom website.   

  • Open a web browser (Chrome, Edge, or Firefox).   
  • Visit and click on “sign in”.
  • Click on the “Phone” tab in the left-hand navigation. You will need to confirm your PIN code for your voicemail and then click on “setup”.
  • You should now see the information for your Zoom Phone account. 
  • To place calls using Zoom phone, you do need to be using the Zoom software on your computer or mobile device.  You can download the software from:

Screenshot showing arrow pointing at the phone tab and then on the settings tab


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Yealink Phones

The new phones are the Yealink T53 and T54W.

You will notice that your phone has options to assign numbers to the buttons around the outside of the screen.  These can be setup as speed dial numbers.  There is a way to set this up in the menu of the phone but the easiest way to edit is using the Zoom website. 

  1. Open a web browser (Chrome, Edge, or Firefox).
  2. Visit and click on “sign in”.
  3. Click on the “Phone” tab in the left-hand navigation.
  4. Visit the settings tab and scroll down to the “Desk Phone” section.
  5. Click on the “View or Edit” under the Keys & Positions. 
  6. Click on the “Manage Key”
  7. You have the option to assign to 9 speed dial numbers on the T54W phone.  The number 1 position is already set for you number and cannot be reassigned.   Click on “Set Key"
  8. In the Drop down select “Speed Dial”.  Enter the number and an Alias for how you want the name to appear on your phone.
  9. Once setup you can go to the bottom of that page and click on “Save”. 
  10. Your phone will restart, and the name will appear on your phone next to the assigned button.