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Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal is a “one-stop” center for all of your technical needs (this includes computer issues, phone issues, Blackboard, WebAdvisor, Datatel/Colleague, and all other technical-related issues for any campus). You will login using your Linfield email address and your Catnet password – no need to create a new login or password!

There are two ways to use our Self-Service Portal (called Samanage):

1. Send an Email

Send an email to the appropriate campus email listed below, and a New Incident will be created automatically. You will receive an email notification of the New Incident along with instructions on how to view it, and add and see related comments.

This is a sample of what your email notification will look like when you receive it in your mailbox:

You can click on Reply and enter comments either above or inside the gray box. Your comments will be entered automatically into the incident and the tech assigned will be notified. You can also click on any of the links and enter comments that way, and/or view the status of this incident or all your incidents.

2. Access the Portal Directly

You can also go directly to the Self-Service Portal (see the URL below) to create and view your own incidents (requests), search our Knowledge Base, or submit Faculty & Staff requests. This is a work in progress and more items will continue to be added.

URL: (use your Linfield email address and Catnet password)

Mobile Devices: use the URL above in the browser, or download and install the OneLoginMobile App.

Select the Samanage App from the next screen.
samanage app

Self-Service Portal
self-service portal

New Incident Form
new incident form

1. Category (mandatory field): The Category you select will determine what Subcategories are available.

2. Department: this should be completed automatically if you are a Faculty or Staff member.

3. Site (mandatory field): select McMinnville or Portland

4. Subcategory (optional field): select from the options listed depending on the category selected.

5. Equipment ID # (optional field for Faculty & Staff only): enter the Linfield ID number(s) of the device(s) with the issue.

6. Attach Files: feel free to attach screen shots or additional files to better help us solve the issue.

7. Create New Incident (or Cancel): when the incident has been completed, please select Create New Incident or Cancel if the issue is no longer relevant.