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Printing for Linfield On-Campus Students

Students on the McMinnville and Portland Campuses will need to add funds to their Print Account on PaperCut (Linfield’s print account server) before they will be able to print to Linfield printers. This can be done using a credit card through your PaperCut account or, alternatively, if you do not have the option of using a credit card, you may purchase a Printing Card in the Library on either campus (during Library hours) that will allow you to add funds to your PaperCut account. The cost of these print cards ($10.00) will be charged to your student account. The PaperCut print account server is only available on campus so you will only be able to add funds while on campus.

Library hours:

  • Portland: Monday through Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm
  • McMinnville:
    • Monday through Thursday: 7:30 am to midnight
    • Friday: 7:30 am – 6:00 pm
    • Saturday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
    • Sunday: noon to midnight

When you login to a Linfield computer in any of the McMinnville or Portland Campus labs, your PaperCut balance will appear and indicate the amount of funds you have available in your Print Account.

If you need to add funds, click on Access Account.

If the PaperCut module does not automatically appear after login, you can use one of the links below.  These links are also available from your own computer while you are on campus.

At the login window, enter your Catnet credentials and click Login.


Your PaperCut account includes Summary and Transaction History, as well as options to either Add Credit (using a credit card) or Redeem a Card (using a Linfield Print Card). If you choose Add Credit, you will need to have a credit card available. If you do not have a credit card available, you can purchase a Printing Card ($10.00) from the Library on either campus, and the cost will be charged directly to your student account.  No cash or checks will be accepted. .

PaperCut Menu

  • To use a credit card: Click Add Credit and select the amount ($10.00, $25.00) you wish to add to your PaperCut account. Click Add Value, and on the next screen enter your credit card information.

Credit Card Information

  • To use a Linfield Print Card: Select Redeem Card (cards must be pre-purchased from the Library), and on the next screen enter the unique card number found on the card, and click Redeem Card:

Redeem Card

You can confirm that your PaperCut account has received the requested amount by selecting Transaction History from the menu on the left. You can also view your most Recent Print Jobs.

Important: If you do not have available credit in your Print Account, your print jobs will not be processed. If you try to print without having sufficient funds, the computer will show a message explaining why your print job will not be processed. You can also determine why a print job was not processed by accessing your PaperCut account and selecting Recent Print Jobs (hover over the Denied status on your print job).

Your PaperCut printing account will remain active as long as you are a current student at Linfield University. At the end of each school year, any funds still available in your Print Account will be carried forward into the next semester.  All students who have graduated or are withdrawn from the university and have a balance over $10.00 will receive a refund.