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For information, service, and supplies contact: 503-883-2690 

Linfield has a small fleet of leased copiers throughout the Linfield campus. These copiers are placed in academic and support buildings for use by staff and faculty. Some of the copiers are networked multi-functional devices (MFD), that are capable of faxing, printing, scanning and copying. As per our lease agreement, the leaser provides service and supplies for all devices. 

  • To use a copier, you will your CatNet code.
  • For best results we do not recommend using any paper with a weight over 60#. 
  • To request paper for copiers, email and state the location of the copier and the name of the copier, if known. Departments will be charged for paper not used in copiers.

Please do not use paper requested for convenience copiers in your desktop printers or for other purposes. Departments will be charged for paper not used in copiers, which is determined by your copier volume. 

Linfield’s copiers are serviced by Pacific Office Automation (POA) and our service agreement with POA covers service, labor, and toner. All requests for service are submitted through ITS Support. ITS will determine if an issue can be resolved by ITS or POA. Drum units and Developer units are serviced by POA, and ITS Support will place the service call. Work tickets will be created for all service calls placed to POA, and the status can be tracked using the Self-Service Help Portal.

Toner, waste toner cartridges and staples for copiers are ordered through the POA supplies portal.
POA supplies portal. If you need a login for the supplies portal, please contact

Cost for copiers are charged monthly to each department (based on your department’s copy code) on a per page basis: $0.05 for grayscale and $0.25 for color. 


  • If you are having trouble with replacing the toner call 2690 for assistance.  While we hope that all departments can perform this task we are happy to assist.  We can train staff on the process if needed. 
  • If you are making a transparency, make sure the supplies are approved for use in a copier.  You can purchase approved transparencies from the Bookstore. 
  • If you suspect your copier code is being misused please call Ext. 2690 to have the code changed. 


Printers are serviced through Solutions YES. They will provide all labor and cleanings at no charge if the toner is purchased through them (competitive toner pricing has been negotiated). They also guarantee their cartridges, and ones that are defective will be replaced immediately at no charge. 

The cost for printer parts is still borne by the department with the invoice being sent directly to each department instead of coming through ITS. The invoice needs to be approved and an account number provided before forwarding it to Accounting for payment. ITS will notify each department ahead of time if there is a part needed and the cost for that part. ITS will also provide a recommendation on whether the cost for the part is feasible, or if there is another solution. Each department will approve any cost before ITS provides Solutions YES with the approval to perform the service. 

Solutions YES will service all network and local laser printers (inkjet printers are not included). The cost for this service is included in the price of the toner cartridges! All requests for service will come through the Support Office to determine if it is an ITS issue or a Solutions YES issue. Work orders will be created for all service calls placed to Solutions YES. Toner can be purchased through the SolutionsYES Portal (if you need access to the purchasing portal, please contact the Support Office for assistance).