Inside Linfield - Information Technology Services

Network Information

If you have any questions regarding Linfield networks, please contact the ITS Support Office at (503) 883-2553 or email

Wired Network

There is wired (Ethernet) access in all residence halls on the Mac Campus as well as all faculty and staff offices.

Wireless Network

Linfield University has provided wireless network access across campus including academic classrooms, all student residential halls, and public areas on the McMinnville campus.

For Linfield faculty, staff, and students: please use Catnet_Linfield. You will need to authenticate with your Catnet credentials.

Guest Access

For Public wireless access, please use Linfield_Guest. This is available for visitors who do not have a Linfield Catnet ID and password. This public wireless allows visitors access to the Internet as well as Linfield’s homepage.  This wireless network is also password-protected, so please contact the ITS Support Office for the current password.

New for Fall of 2020

The McMinnville Campus has a new IPv6 Wi-Fi network that provides a better gaming experience, and dedicated security appliances for lower latency while streaming and running real time web based applications.

This new network segment is now ready for beta test users, and will be available in residence halls this Fall Semester for anybody that would like to use it.

The network names (SSID’s) are :

  • Catnet_Student_IPv6 (using your Catnet Credentials) and
  • Catnet_Guest_IPv6 (using Wifi password/PSK)

Both of these SSID's can be accessed using the same credentials, or PSK in the case of the Guest Network, as existing Linfield SSIDs. And if you are uncertain, or do not desire to use the new segment, the existing Catnet_Linfield, and Linfield_Guest SSIDs are still available.

For those devices that do not have a browser or capable of credential use (game consoles, etc) you will be able to register your devices on the Student Device Portal. Once registered, the device will automatically move to the network supported by your device after a restart and reconnect to Catnet_Guest_IPv6.

Please note that you must have IPv6 enabled on your device to fully utilize the features of these new SSIDs, but they are capable of supporting IPv4. Also, it is recommended that you KEEP IPv4 enabled, as not all web sites are IPv6 enabled, nor do they all support the various methods of providing compatibility with newer IPv6 only clients.

If you run in to any problems, the quickest and easiest solution is to simply disconnect from the new SSIDs, and point your wireless device back to Catnet_Linfield, or Linfield_Guest.

We would also appreciate if you sent an email to describing the time of day, and as much description of the problem you encountered as possible.

You may also forward any positive feedback to this email address as well.