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Device registration portal

The Device Registration Portal is for specific personal devices (e.g. gaming device, desktop computer, TV) that need access to the Linfield network.

After registering your device, it will be able to connect to the wireless network, Linfield_IOT; look for the password in the Device Portal or contact Support.  You may also connect to the network with a wired ethernet cord (CAT 5 or CAT 6).

Steps to register a device

You will be prompted to login with your CatNet credentials:

 Device Registration Login Screen

The first time you login to the Device Registration Portal, you will be prompted to accept the Acceptable Use Policy:

Device Registration Acceptable Use Policy

To add a device, click the Add button. You can enter up to 5 devices.

Device Registration how to add a device

Enter the Device name, Device ID (MAC address) and Description, and then click Submit.

Device Registration adding the details of the Device just added

After registering your device(s), please restart it/them for network access. The device will show Pending until the registration process has been completed.

Device Registration Manage

To modify an existing device, select it from your list of devices. You can then report it as lost or stolen (it will no longer be allowed to access the Linfield network), or you can edit the device, or delete it.

Device Registration managing a device

If all devices are registered and restarted, you can logout of the portal (upper right).

Device Registration Logging out screen