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Data storage

What data can I keep where?

Use the table below to determine what classifications can be maintained on various services and platforms. This includes both Linfield University owned services and 3rd party services.

Data Classification Chart

Data Classification

Services/Platforms Unrestricted Restricted Confidential
Blackboard Yes Yes No
Colleague Yes Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes No
Google Doc Yes No No
Local computer hard drive/desktop Yes Yes No
Office 365 (SharePoint and OneDrive) Yes Yes No
ODS and CROA Yes Yes Yes
Other cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive) Yes No No
Paycom Payroll Yes Yes Yes
Slate Yes Yes Yes
Softdocs Yes Yes Yes
Survey Monkey or other survey software Yes Yes No
Thumb drives/portable storage/external hard drive Yes No No
Winfiles / Pyramid Yes Yes Yes