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KnowBe4 Training

October is CyberSecurity Month! All month long!

Change the Language - Cambia el idioma

KnowBe4 allows you to change the language presented two ways.

First, go to the top right hand corner of the page and find your name.

Picture of KnowBe4 webpage with account settings.

Click on the down arrow to get a menu.

Picture of KnowBe4 menu for account settings.

Click on the Language to change it.

Picture of KnowBe4 language choices.

Click, on Save

    Your training will now show the language that you chose.


Second, you might have the option to change the language at the time of training. 

In the window, next to the START button is a Language choice box.

KnowBe4 Language Choice Box.

Click on the down arrow, next to English (United States).

KnowBe4 Language Choices small menu.

Choose a different language.

Start your training!