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Committee for Human Research Participation (CHRP) Institutional Review Board (IRB)

New forms

For all new research being submitted after spring ’19 please make sure you have used the new forms and IRB ethics training.

Ethics training

Academic Affairs at Linfield University has recently subscribed to CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) to provide all training for researchers and administrators in the areas of human subjects, animal, and biomedical research, as well as training in Conflicts of Interest, Good Clinical Practices, Information Privacy Security, and Responsible Conduct of Research.

IRB training requirements

All members of the Linfield University community who are engaged in human subjects research are required to submit a completion report to the IRB, along with their application. Applications will not be reviewed until verification of completed ethics training is complete. If you have a current training certificate (completed in the last three years from either from NIH or CITI), your training is still valid. You should, however, submit a completion report for the Revised Common Rule training module which provides a review of the updates to current regulations at 45 CFR 46, Subpart A – “Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects” which as of January 21, 2019 as the New Common Rule now governs the IRB review process. Beginning in 2019, all researchers and administrators in need of training (i.e., those who last completed ethics training more than 3 years ago and those who have never completed training) must complete the appropriate training through CITI.

Setting up a CITI Account or Adding Linfield University to an Existing CITI Account

New Account - Provides step-by-step instructions for setting up an account.

Add Affiliation – How to add Linfield as an affiliate institution if you already have a CITI account.

You will be prompted to provide basic information about yourself, associate with Linfield University, and select areas of training. Here are basic instructions (please also see “new account” link for additional support)

IRB Users – All researchers involved in human subjects research are required to complete training. CITI provides modules specific to the type of human subjects research in which you are engaged (biomedical, social & behavioral) - please choose accordingly. It may be that you will need to complete both modules depending on the nature of your study. Everyone submitting an IRB application after January 21, 2019 MUST submit verification they completed the Revised Common Rule module. You may add training modules at any time. Once you complete the training CITI also provides an opportunity to complete a refresher course. Thus, if you have completed the training at another institution in the last 3 years you can also complete the refresher course.

Reference Material & Additional Information

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Application Information IRB Application Word
  IRB Sample Informed Consent Form Word
  IRB Sample Debriefing Template Word
  IRB Modification Form Word
  IRB Incident Report Form Word
  Continuation/Completion Form Word
Decision Trees and Flowcharts Does Your Project Require an Application to the Linfield University IRB? Decision Tree #1  PDF
  Does Your Research Involving Secondary or Existing Data, Documents, or Biological Specimens Require Review by the Linfield University IRB? Decision Tree #2  PDF
  IRB Flowchart Word
IRB Submission Checklist for Researchers IRB Checklist PDF
Board Roster 2020-2021 Roster Word