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January Term Abroad

GLSP/HIST-398  Cityscapes, Cultural, and Historical Encounters: Andalusian Spain and Morocco

This course introduces students to two extremely diverse regions of the Mediterranean: Morocco, sitting on the western end of the African continent and Spain, its neighbor to the north. Both regions, which were at one time a single political entity, have historically maintained significant contact with each other, as well as with other foreign players in the region. The major cities of Andalusian Spain, as well as those of the north and coastlines of Morocco, are a testament of this history of encounters, conquest, colonization, and displacements. In the urban layout, seen in the architecture, monuments, markets, palaces, neighborhoods, places of worship and institutions, we can study the history of these rich cultural and political encounters, and examine the influences that persist to this day as populations of immigrants continue to move back and forth, much as they did in the historical past.

Prerequisite: Fall semester prior to JT '22 departure, students will be required to enroll and participate in the IDST 098 Orientation to International Study (1 credit).

Faculty: Professor Sonia Ticas and Professor Sharon Bailey Glasco

Fees: Program Fee: $4900

Estimated Airfare: $1900 *(Applicable to students who do not qualify for the airfare subsidy provided by the University.)

Credits: 4
LC: GP or VP