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Study Abroad Information for Current Linfield Students

January Term Abroad

GLSP-398  Argentina contemporánea: historia y cultura / Contemporary Argentina: History and Culture

Examine the historical, sociocultural and political scene of Argentina from 19th century to the present day while addressing questions about architectural symbols that testify Argentina’s national identity. Participants will visit Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Colonia (Uruguay) and other cities as they explore the lives of significant historical figures and their contributions to Argentine intellectual life. Students will have the opportunity to experience summer in the Southern Hemisphere, learn Rioplatense Spanish variation, visit historical sites, museums, and universities while living with host families and meeting with experts on urban studies, visual arts, literature, international relations, wine and yerba mate industries, sports, and many other disciplines in dialogue with Argentina’s history and culture.

Prerequisite: Language: This is a bilingual intensive course. All classes will include instruction in both English and Spanish. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have at least one year of Spanish (GLSP101 + GLSP 102; GLSP105; GLSP 290/291 Spanish for Bilingual and Heritage Learners I/II, or the equivalent from another institution). Fall semester prior to JT '22 departure, students will be required to enroll and participate in the IDST 098 Orientation to International Study (1 credit).

Faculty: Professor Tania Carrasquillo Hernández

Fees: $4900 (this course pending approval)

Estimated Airfare: $1500 *(Applicable to students who do not qualify for the airfare subsidy provided by the University.)

Credits: 4
LC: pending: CS or GP