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Worker's Compensation

Linfield provides worker’s compensation insurance for injuries and illnesses incurred while working on the job. Injury/Accident reporting packets are available through HR or your supervisor. Included in the packet are instructions to complete the 801 Claim Form, the Incident Reporting Form, authorization to release medical information and Release to Return-to-work form which can be accessed on the Environmental Health and Safety website.

Employee and Supervisor Reporting Procedures:

When an employee has an on-the-job accident, injury, or job-related illness, it must be reported immediately to a supervisor or Human Resources staff. Failure to do so could result in the claim being delayed or denied.

The supervisor or Human Resources will provide a worker's compensation claim packet for the employee to complete as well as information the supervisor must complete. This claim packet must be completed as soon after the injury as possible, read and follow the instructions carefully. If needed, assistance is available from the Human Resources staff.

After completing the appropriate forms, each should be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety Director, Erik Stenehjem. EH&S will investigate incidents, gather information, and file claims with the worker’s compensation insurance company, SAIF.

Once a claim is filed, any bills or questions regarding your claim should be directed to:

400 High Street SF
Salem, OR 97312

Phone: 800-285-8525

SAIF Website