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Paycom is Linfield's online payroll and time card system. 

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Paycom Training Videos

Please watch the appropriate training video below before you start using the Paycom system.

Employee Information Verification

You MUST verify information on the checklists and it is up to YOU to ensure your information is accurate:

  1. Employee Verification Checklist
  2. Tax Setup Information
  3. Address and Contact Information
  4. EEO Information
  5. If your work email is showing your personal email, you may go in and edit that to your Linfield email.

Clock In/Out and Approvals

- All hourly non-exempt employees MUST clock in and out for each shift daily.

- All hours worked MUST be verified and approved weekly by both the employee and supervisor every Monday for the previous week.

- A final timecard approval is required by the employee on the last day of the month.  Supervisors must approve by 8:30am on the first weekday of the new month for the previous month.

- Contact Human Resources/ Payroll at 503-883-2627 or if you need help or have additional questions.